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Landry technically you could also return to the Rockets?

Six Star General2010-04-18 22:10:07 +0000 #1
Landry technically you could also return to the Rockets? Never say that to change with Houston's Yao Ming Landry, Landry and the King from the space contracted and paid to see, Landry will be the rocket it? Restrictions on how long time?

I guess if possible, Landry still wants to return the rocket it!

2010-03-05 09:24 supplementary

Old Shark2010-04-18 22:19:57 +0000 #2
Carl King Haohao De lying main improper, why go back to Houston?

Rocket did not actually much stronger than the king,

The difference is simply not ready yet whether to rebuild the rocket, and the king have thought.

Other is almost the same, this year can not get into the playoffs, not win the year after next year, or even be a strong possibility.

So I think that Landry should be the value before the expiry of the contract, have the opportunity to play ball, play a higher level, for more contracts, rather than thinking back to the rocket.



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