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s789018692010-04-19 01:10:08 +0000 #1 request to this video
planning will be based on country2010-04-19 01:21:51 +0000 #2
Don't Stop - Chali 2na featuring Anthony Hamilton Lyrics: yes yes one more time oh just don't stop well yah yah just dont stop we'll never have to stop tell um, tell um what you got we've got the right to keep it funky cuz it's hip hop just don 't stop (Verse 1) (Chali 2na) Yo better believe in these real words Chali 2na call me orange Juice jones just don't stop Spilling these words im filling these nerds With verbal darts making its marks Futilities swerve it (Dont stop) Im from the fifth J Digital display You crew is in critical dismay (dont stop) I paid the cost for the posse Shining to me gloss now I foresee I rupture your rapture My voice is abrasive like god while he snaps words Look at the rhythm and blues we concocted Living through my music like Pac did Give a little gap in my loophole Rubys triple like boy orange juice jones? Know matter the what im from the block to be hot bring it back to the plot and it (just don't stop ) (Chorus) (Anthony Hamilton) We don't have to stop keep the this thing moving till the speakers pop Aint got time to talk Coming for the honeys cant keep um off It's whatever we want Pay us back what you know you owe we got the right to keep it funky Cuz its hip hop just dont stop (Verse 2) (Chali 2na) With the upper hand Unlevel land Another man preparing the plan With my caravan? Want neva neva land?? What these rappers preach for?? ? Ima teach till it seeps into each I speak verbal plastic I blast heat Time for those at the top to switch turns



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