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How to practice standard shooting position?

Eternal God is my Mak2010-04-19 05:11:24 +0000 #1
I am 182cm, bouncing past said that the shooting was difficult to see, want to use the standard position, always feel the wrist without access to fresh, how to solve this?
has a lot of words2010-04-19 05:21:20 +0000 #2
and more practice a ball game to see the video,

Here is my experience:

First, have the right posture. What is the appropriate posture? Personally think that position is not necessarily To fully standards, but it must be for you. to find the most suited to their position is the basis for the shooting. I have the guidance by a third scorer, had shot to correct posture, the results on the day of shooting up a lot. visible position importance. I Laijiang Jiang points of some attention. 3 "90" degree is very important. that is when the good shooting position, the shooting hand of the big arm and torso, arm and upper arm, back and arm are 90 degrees. the shoulder, elbow, wrist joints at 90 degrees. better to do the first four of 90 degrees, that is, after the palm of the hand and arm shots can be 90 degrees.

on the elbow and adduction of the problem or not : shooting position because of the reasons for human physiological structure, when the ball on the overhead, then the elbow must be outward opening, in which case his hand, arm stretch direction and the direction is not consistent running the ball, often resulting in shot of the instability and low hit rates. The result of the elbow adduction is not comfortable the whole body, also the unstable inverted position, how do? My experience is within the income will be better. I am in high school stage, due to injured right hand had unconsciously changed the position so that when the elbow outward opening shot, though cooked after cast, standing off the hit rate is not high, but once the jump shot, shots can not be freely adjusted, hit rate can not improve. and remember, once the elbow adduction, the whole shoulder, elbow, wrist, and baskets are in a straight line, as long as the adjustment of the arc of the ball well, generally can be dropped into. but the body is not comfortable after a period of time can adaptation.

If you use the elbow, adduction means, you will find hand can not be placed above the head, entirely correct, in fact, placed in the correct posture is not a ball head, but tend to side shooting hand, if the right hand is shooting hand while the right side of the ball placed on top of the head, standing right foot than the left foot slightly before the left side of the body to a comfortable angle to the body, head slightly to the right turn at this time, your eyes should be and shoulder elbow wrist basket line. In this case, as long as you force the ball down the arm to start throwing the physiological results, how it will be partial to open the basket?

2: aiming point, most people are used to aim the first basket basket (now I am also ), there are articles that marksman aiming most of the basket after the basket, because that is where basketball will eventually have to fall. In fact, the habit of aiming where only large individuals do not have unity, but when I have the most accurate aiming is very strange position . aim is that after I shot the highest point of the ball. We know that the ball will draw a curve in the air, eventually falling into the basket. the more likely the higher the arc into the basket. When the aiming point on the basket, you low when the ball must arc (or even straight) to accurately hit your target point, and only after constant practice to master so that when the ball hit the aiming point drop. radian was able to improve. but if you get the best start pointing is the highest point, the ball of your whereabouts have been using a high arc and improve into the basket possibilities. of course, take some time to find the best for your highest point. I was about ten minutes to find. 所以 hit The fast rate. However, after I was injured playing, due to changes in posture, aim points has become the top basket, arc also reduced Le Bushao. Xianzai habits Di aim Zuigao point arc after the Xiang Yi Jing 没 significance. So if you shoot curvature has stabilized, do not think of trying this method of targeting.

3: hand type. hand type is also important, shooting hand fingers stretch the fingers hold the ball, palms do not touch the basketball, shot wrist when shaking the ball, keep the ball down the finger out, the last fingers under the pressure, let the ball spin, to keep the ball from the left hand between the index and middle fingers, the whole action is completed. of course, vary the last to leave the fingers, personal habits Bale. This process determines whether the ball into the line, spinning shot, they must be stable, this is key to four: the rhythm, to find the most suitable for their own pace, power transmitted from the foot Yi Zhi arm to the wrist to fingers at one go, do not stop, so the maximum power to be able to control the ball on the role. so as to increase its maximum range. jumper when the master of rhythm is more important, sometimes you go to the highest point has not forces, and how to do? on the one hand increase their arm strength, another early shot, not necessarily to the highest point shots, to throw themselves into the key.
Black Cool eggs2010-04-19 05:21:00 +0000 #3
Internet to check a person Jiao Alan Houston, textbook-like shooting action, ash often NB
call me the son of the2010-04-19 05:57:49 +0000 #4
more training wrist.



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