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Seek McGrady "passing day" after all this time the Chinese lyrics

kiss45282010-04-19 06:11:34 +0000 #1
request McGrady "passing day" after all this time the Chinese lyrics
zxy_432010-04-19 06:13:21 +0000 #2
5 versions, I feel better version of the fifth , you look at it

If you could do a version of a tightly hold your hand

I will not let his fingers slip easily from that in spring the flowers

leaves are blowing in the branches fog

waiting for the final results have promise commitments under the waves


light bit by bit from the past to the smile you are so beautiful


to see things change here and the stars move this miracle

blowing in the wind Chuanjie and over - quietly pull the news

with your hands

walk in the road in years

not forget the day the agreement is pleased with Xu -

breeze vaguely recall a familiar voice

memory of past deserted ice (flash) crystal

had vowed never hurt mind (can not) avoid the Rain of Flowers

when will meet again here ---

pink flowering season and progressive melodies

hesitant mood of the infinite vision of the future ---


Association for their petals and waving blossoms Italy (
scattered) Fleeting moments when the air-sigh -

thing is that beauty and people of non-gradual overflow tears, no pity

cherry ah take my thoughts have gone -----

wind away from you figure

gradually disappear in my fuzzy line of sight with you

looking forward to this meet, cherry divergent - to fly here -

confusion is always a person helpless to find

never had the courage to face loneliness and fear can only sigh

I heart continued slowly in this maze to find it before the line

distant - bright

(song orgasm start)


reunited with you again in the flower dance, street events of the past

have surfaced in my mind This time will never give up

hard to hold you forever With your cherry rain ------


version 2

This time my hand is no longer you hold onto

This time the tears slowly across my face

this time you will not laugh at me bloom

this time will be separated into petals witness memories

you have

I dream of love under the imprint of residual bit

time after time

Huayu under the silence of your smile in the eyes of the

summer evening, I hugged you silver boat on the wind

contact friction in the sweet flowers of the world you and I

with a laugh quietly to sleep in the moonlight

This time my hand is no longer you hold onto

This time the tears slowly across my face

this time you will not laugh at me bloom

this time will become a memory

separated petals witness to your I have

dream residual bit under the imprint of love

time after time

Huayu silent laughter under your eyes

summer evening in the silver boat on the Mount you and I hugged

touch the wind in the sweet flower you and I in the world

with smiles quietly to sleep in the moonlight

pink petals rotate my love under the full moon like a petal turn stop laughing

silver boat flashing my love will never change

This time my hand is no longer you tight

this time holding the tears slowly across my face

this time you will not laugh at me

love blooming colorful petals fly

time after time

Huayu under the silence of your smile in the eyes of the

summer evening, Silver I hugged you color boat on the wind

contact friction in the sweet flowers of the world you and I

with smiles quietly to sleep in the moonlight

Version 3 who remember a time of blood and tears splashed flower ring Toru

forget the world cup of sorrows Who drink wine

looking forward to you and I always will remember listening to the rain song into the juniors tour book

but since forgotten Luo Yi Fu Jin Se language Rivera honey sweet words actually bitter

Xia Fei Yun Bin fold change in this life, how

Time after time quilt Chinese side of the vertical world no one

Fallen flowers to celebrate the half-washed Pina half Hibiscus rouge color

see blooming that moment

space overlooking the forest Yaotai based

on cloud Yu Fang fog masked bottles Mowen is Who got the Red

laugh Rangrang his military would have spent the majority failed to keep the dynasty more


tears no trace ends of the earth who hate eachother

heartbroken for the round bell sound heard at night drunk and spring cold soul

mandarin cream tile dreams never come

City Que Feng Yun Wang beans have done may not meet

Time after time thinking put into the wrong cheek array

Milky Way

Sparse, Chuo banking on playing Sheng was removed bamboo grove Bamboo nowhere v. Acacia Deep

catkins proud of a hangover hangover ride the wind by

Butterfly Dream Gone with the Wind away from the sad truth is no dispute Taoyuan outside world what extravagance and reluctantly



Auspicious in the end what is eternal blight tomorrow morning to spend the cold evening, took to Wife

sigh past autumn clouds over then why do fee like Si Yi

Yang Liu Yiyi laugh white fog is not fog dream

You know every night consider a thousand words Jun Mo sob

sangrakwol water has subsided Worry

Time after time

how can forget themselves hurried with the music as people stumble from

no time had tears pouring rain vaguely melancholy breakdown Pu Wei


breaking nine days, the red line wire line

blood dripping off mood before the Chi-Zong Ma seek seek seek seek recovery version 4

more than you would like to once again touch the familiar face will never let go

the warmth of your hand to say goodbye

tell it to leave the spring with the scatter flower petals are the early morning mist flowers


old song in my heart

the familiar melody is still awake so beautiful

time after time

and your relative event is the miracle of my life

in that a light breeze blowing in the alley slowly and quietly holding hands


waiting for the rain fly cherry Flurry you forget the convention

I still faintly hear the wind in your firm

depressed when the voice of your gentle words ears

do not forget to smile so that your determination

Why is not live, opening eyes light

cherry-colored fly in the coming festival season Fallen

Can you be here again meet?

Time after time

When loneliness invasion immersed in the memories of any of those bits of


flowers scattered branches and the wind in the wind dancing in the light that has not changed the landscape

melted into tears in the eyes of the breeze blowing the crystal


swirling petals falling in turn smooth surface

in memory of those under the shadow Sakura

middle of the night is difficult to forget the haunting solitude of my heart endless darkness irrepressible


It whispered in my heart always longs for No one film can be screamed world

where are you?

Time after time

and you encounter is the miracle of my life

in the sky that is cherry red in the alley

if you'll never meet again, what you agreed

to accompany the decision of my life

version of the same 5 bloom off the face of the snow quietly with the wind stained residual

White Lotus instant case fell into waves and eventually became a magic

Zither math are not entirely happy match beauty wholly unnoticed

end of the month without sleep and strings

young eye wander v. Liu Mei Flower surface such as the Red Butterfly Pina

at your fingertips marriage end in change

Time after time spent in vain before touching Bihaiqingtian

war-luan spring frost fingertips residual shallow dip Luanhong joys and sorrows of autumn

fine rhyme dye unfamiliar with fleeting

oblique Yilan Liu month With Crest

glabella from the Huai To strike hard around the break locked Zhu mood disorder after the

stop brow as silk remember young side of things

queue, opening Spring Can Meng Fan Ye do love thin as paper

see through leaves before the middle of the night Guying wind volume crazy

fully clothed lying on the only lean on a railing to see the flowers

spring after crossing the river a year is another year in the horizon like a fairy

Jade Butterfly Dream Yu Ching Lin

Time after time

think Chinese students smoke a column in a room a lengthy string

smile 5 Jun heart set States and Canada under the blue sky with


either not arrived in their lives short days to sing Homelessness silent sigh edge off edge and two sides of life, why live off the wind on yellow sigh


You can wear out hard to hide where they can ask Japan to square long

impermanence Goods things to do no harm

miserable human society, broken down shifters spring blossoms and brightly smiled suddenly scared to spend full volume

Jinhua as dazzling on consumer spending warm cold snowy blossoms wrong that arrived off the millennium


Spring, such as mandarin Lease Zheng Butuo smoke too lonely to

Time after time over

quiet blue water spring thoughts go back around the jun side

Jun handsome amount to thousands of cranes dancing bottomless

Deryck longitudinal what this life Love in fear of responsibility tied Jun wrong

me wrong I still dust off the past lives by casting haze of confusion How



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