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Anti-Doo cents crazy2010-04-19 06:12:10 +0000 #1
Drexler why the ratio of Qiaodan Jiang, known in China but not Jordan?
gq3314410632010-04-19 06:19:13 +0000 #2
Drexler domestic understanding of small rockets to win the NBA is not the majority's view, upstairs to say too extreme, and gliders in the body where there is no difference between Bi Qiaodan , in the NBA is not the soft egg, not the kind of critical moment who can not score. The main character of his decision to his achievements, he is relatively simple from the country, fought the relentless struggle of the heart not so heavy. Is not the kind of people who want to be boss ordered his teammates, his action is to lead the Trail Blazers teammate. Lead by example. Experience of three finals, the Pistons lost once, lost once the bull, the last time the Magic won. Lose did not lose a few minutes, you know strong teams collision, failure can not say too much, sometimes need a little luck, no one can discredit Jordan's dominance, but at that time ruled the western sub-health or a small forward is Derai Kessler, both Eastern and Western rule of King, respectively. Confrontation is not too much time on the bit, the data are inter-burst. If that time to find Jordan's shadow, it only Drexler, and Jordan as he jumps high, fly far but Biqiao Dan. Decided the fate, this is the case, for when the glider is not the kind of boss who can not bear the pressure was not his, is that character, I think you should know. When the pioneers in decline, in order to ring, return to the Houston, that dream regular season, half of the rest after the game a lot of games because of injuries, Drexler has the force of a rocket into the playoffs , until the dream of return. Two together to the Finals, Houston in the finals behind the first case, Drexler has insisted, has never admit defeat, his tenacity touched the rocket all the captains, the final dream of Bulan The Greek a, and then when conditions are ripe to win. That title is not a leg to take hold, he is the team that year's scoring, assists, steals. Another winner of the rocket is not because Jordan is not the pick, the Bulls that year, Jordan in the last 20 only when several regression, the results match the magic, was O'Neill out. Jordan's achievements really no competition, but was on the West than in the east and see a dream team of superstars, mostly in Western, Jordan's invincible because no one can beat him in the peak period, while the Rockets have beaten all the peak opponents, but they were also beaten these opponents. And the coincidence that Michael Jordan retired for two years. So many people misunderstand the rocket is picking up the championship, I would say those two titles to its name, even without Jordan, but also gold content and full of dream and defeated three of the four remaining center. Undisputed king of 90's center, do not talk afterward, many of them poor old, that's enough afterward he tied for the four center illustrates the great, but his peak period in the new millennium. That's beside the point, no Qiaodan Jiang glider.
Baoqing Shuai Wind2010-04-19 06:55:52 +0000 #3
In addition to bounce and stayed in the air, what do you think his point than Qiaodan Jiang ....



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