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Like how can I can run into the basket in a short time, of course, can dunk better.

Music Street Dance Hip Hop2010-04-19 06:12:16 +0000 #1
I am 1.73m tall and about, not less than 1.73m for.
Sun Lieyan2010-04-19 06:16:30 +0000 #2
First of all thigh and calf to gain a clear understanding on the role of the bounce, the whole thigh forces who jump high enough, strong elastic leg strength faster speed.

The leg strength training is mainly squat and squat two kinds of ways, if you want to practice explosive, then my recommendations of individuals and the main contact coach squat. The load is also very particular about the weight, according to Wade training method is proposed pyramid depth stimulate muscle training method, you need to do every day 6 groups squat, first, you first measure was the premise of protection under the What is your biggest load, and then Group 1 with 60% of the maximum load to warm up, generally 15 to 20 is good, not too much, and then to each of several groups behind the 10% weight-bearing strength of Ti Jia increased up to each group to do exhaustive, (the so-called exhaustion that can not move now, many beginners feel sore on the leg muscle to stop this is not enough, there must be full strength exhaust can not be completed until the next move up.) general, each group should do squat in the 8 to 12, if you feel there are efforts done to complete 12 actions that the next state your load is not enough, you can consider adding weight. To the last few groups you may not have strength to complete each movement of the base 8, then after you are done do not stop immediately until the power to do exposed bare squat is up. This training a period of time you will find your jumping ability and explosiveness will be a qualitative leap.

Note: Beginners should do weight-bearing squat when your feet point straight ahead. Knees outside or inside the Wat Chang. Post-training to improve muscle strength of the block can tiptoe or internal character of foreign Zhang Qu. Leg training can not be every day, it is recommended to practice 1 to 3 days, 2 days later to practice can be improved once the end of practice if you are beyond the control of leg shaking, then congratulations to you, your training is very successful today.

Leg: leg muscles are small pieces can be trained every day and also to load the main, but the calf muscles is not easy to congestion, the need to set a few more times in the training approach to training, the training load is the time and leg Method 1 sample, weight training for toes. Each 20 to 25 as far as possible. This way, full of congestive calf muscles.

Leg training with feet parallel to the main front is still to fully stimulate the muscles, pay attention to the highest point in the toes as far as possible with a short pause. When the muscles have a certain parallel to the base of the feet in addition to training methods can also add your feet inside and outside the character of the training methods to stimulate the calf muscle 2 test.

Diet: muscle growth requires a lot of protein. Therefore, in the days of strength training, better nutrition is also essential. Recommended daily Practical 6 (also birds) than eggs. If you had the power of other parts of the training, I suggest you also to strengthen protein intake. There is also need to increase the weight of the staple food, carbohydrate is the source of your strength is your guarantee of completion of training.

Finally: In addition to improving muscle strength of the recommendation to you all to go home pulling ligaments, tough ligaments and is the corresponding super-explosive, if your ligaments if you do not pay attention training is easy because you gradually strengthen the power of injured themselves.

If interested in more training methods can be used for training, remember to pay attention to rest, not excessive training. As long as you adhere to, then become a member of the wash basket is not a dream.
Haojian1812010-04-19 06:27:16 +0000 #3
the basketball down to the ground on the line



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