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Golden generation of Chinese basketball 94

810985212010-04-19 07:10:02 +0000 #1
94 golden generation, who have their technical features what is
gududelang2032010-04-19 07:25:20 +0000 #2
A Jiang, Gong Xiaobin, Hu Weidong, Ji Minshang, Liu Daqing, Liu Yudong, Shan Tao, Sun Jun, Zhang Jinsong, Wu Qinglong, Wu Naiqun, Zheng Wu!

Almost all technical stream, playing a small quick spirit! Basket is very accurate, outstanding ability to cut and post moves, small allocation is relatively small mass flow, and the color is in the frontcourt, coordinate, air cutting, jumpers ranging, it is a spectator!

Hu Weidong, players outside of China should be the most outstanding one to date fitness of (Ma Jian counted as inside)! Quite elegant dunk ah! After some older, switch to one-third of fame CBA!

Zheng Wu, Sun Jun, Gong Xiaobin, Liu Yudong --- how many fans have been so crazy name ah!

Ah Jiang, alternative comparison, weak points, but well-deserved point technology so far the first person (professional players)! 2008 Olympic Games as a positive one to one by the hands of rival steals a shame this scene will not appear on his body!

Is also still active in the CBA's probably the only Liu Yudong and Wu Naiqun, and the rest of the team more as a CBA coach in the game.

The fourth floor of the proposal, and then add a few:
, "Tiger," Sun Jun, ability to coordinate a very outstanding, very high basketball IQ!

"God of War," Liu Yudong, a lot of people know, powerful upper body strength, shooting very characteristic Then there is the potential, the peak period of CBA no one can prevent! Good use of feints to deceive opponents! The reason is called Ares, Liu teachers also have to mention the tenacity, had dragged his leg with a 1 August 2003 after winning 10 out from the knee in the small bones of the experience is a God of War is a legend!

"Happy King" Gong Xiaobin, it is difficult to use one word to describe his features, playing very smart, physical quality is relatively good. Since the king is called Happy, good looking, not to mention playing casual nature.
I Diao you off2010-04-19 07:15:14 +0000 #3



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