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hypocrisy2010-01-17 22:01:40 +0000 #1
I am now when the basketball team's striker, but I do not know how to forward this position so that I can still play well in a short time forward this position

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anyelinsh_5mwyc2010-01-17 22:06:14 +0000 #2
power forward does not require too strong dribbling skills. If you want a good PF can move in the following direction:

a strengthening of the power (very important)

2 rebounds against the card position to take close shots to 3 stability, in particular, the bottom line in the distance and the free-throw lane defense and co-
4 Anti-capacity

5 dorsal body ball singles capacity, empty practice very small hook is very useful

6 screens for and to coordinate the defensive screens for 7, including in the high and low of the coordinate

8 other minor abilities and qualities: bounce, control rebounds after one pass, 3 minutes, dribbling, etc.


1 is the essential quality of living inside, 2 is the PF

34 Enhancing the skills necessary to be very stroke of 6 anti-screens for teammates like playing the full match and a certain level of opponent when it is necessary, such as the other party outside center associate and you do not, when a poor mobility, power forward in anti-high screens for when the show or hedge very critical capacity level of tactical ability of a direct reflection of the level of basketball
Today, chanced2010-01-17 22:23:04 +0000 #3
Basketball Forward Skills - Baidu know "Sports / Sports" Basketball

power forward (Power Forward) to act as the task of the team almost always dominated by hard labor to rebound, defend, the card spaces are always missed him, but To shoot, score, he was always the last one. Therefore, the power forward on the basketball court can be regarded as the most modest roles. Power forward, sometimes called a power forward, basketball team in a position in China, there are "two center" at all. A typical power forward is a more physical on the pitch strong, but still have a certain speed player. Traditionally, the power forward are required to use their sturdy physique, competing in the basket and offensive rebounds positively storming; while in a restricted zone defense and the protection of defensive rebounds, were considered the center's main task. However, the trend in today's basketball, because of the flexibility of center players, as well as forwards have generally raise the height of the players, leading to increasingly blurred distinction between the two.

Today's world the general level of basketball, forward usually in the 2 m height 03 (6 feet 8 inches) to 2 meters 10 (6 feet, 11 inches), weighing in between 230-260 pounds. However, in both two players playing with a high center of the "Twin Towers" lineup, or the lack of tall players in a number of teams in the big center forward to play the role of the case, are very common.


first and foremost task is to grasp rebounds. Team on the power forward is usually to grab the most rebounds, he is restricted card place, with the center line with, often to stir up the team in rebounding responsibilities. In the offensive, he always wanted to help out teammates block people, and then team-mate shot but managed to squeeze grab offensive rebounds, doing the second wave of attack. Usually only a few time, will be asked to forward sink to the bottom singles, this time he would come in a restricted zone near a turn for Komagari shot like that, do some close-up attack.

As a general lack of power forward shot, and its shooting location and often very close to the basket, then hit his shot high of the rate of natural requirements. In order to force the five positions, the power forward should be such a hit the highest rate, and good power forward should be to reach 55%. However, because scoring is not his strong point, so he can score much, but definitely wanted to capture much more rebounds. In addition, the defense capacity of the natural pot when it is necessary for power forward because he needed to consolidate the restricted zone defense is of course important. In any case, power forward is to do two things - rebounding and defense.

A small forward (in English: small forward), is a basketball team in a fixed position. Usually a small forward's height and size are below the center and power forward, but it is higher than the shooting guard and point guard. Typically, a small forward at 6 feet tall and 5-6 feet between the 11 (1 m 96-2 m 13). Although many small forwards in height is not lost on the big forward, but often on a slightly inferior in power.

Striker Naishi the team who scores the most important. The so-called small forward, the most fundamental requirement is to be able to score, but also a more long-range score. Small forward a receipt of the ball, the first thought is to how to plug the ball to the basket. He may get rebounds, but not necessary; he is likely to be passing, but also unnecessary; he might have a good flexibility, it is still necessary; he might have an excellent defense, but still unnecessary. Small forward's basic job is to score, score, score again.

In the attack, the small forward can shoot the ball in the power of confrontation and strike a balance, in the defense when the small forward is usually responsible for steals and rebounds. Many small forward players can act as a shooting guard that can play both positions at the same time the players are often called "swing man" (swingman or a wing).

A small forward the most fundamental condition

a small forward for the whole team scoring key, so get the ball back after each time, most will be passed to the small forward scoring his layup, therefore, to become a small forward the most basic requirement is the accuracy of shots to be very high, while the speed is usually one of the conditions is essential.

small forward shooting shooting demands a tribute to one of the lowest position, in general, as long as 45% even though very on the qualified, while 40% or more are acceptable, of course, there is a premise that he must be able to score. If a small forward for each game, was a seven, eight, hit rate is still only 40%, then it might as well tell him to bench forget. Anyway, why the small forward can compare the hit rates low? Because he was the team's leading scorer, he often must actively look for opportunities to shoot, we must at some point, stabilizing, or even a more difficult way of singles opponent to improve to actively look for opportunities to shoot, we must at some point, stabilizing, or even a more difficult way to boost the morale of singles opponent, and even to the opponents Xiama Wei, head-on blow to the enemy and so on. Therefore, there will be more opportunities for small forward shot, and probably is not very good opportunity, so you can allow him to lower the hit rate, as long as he can score so.



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