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Mr. NBA history, the key to what?

Lucky Stars2010-01-31 10:01:03 +0000 #1

Zezheng2010-01-31 10:10:57 +0000 #2
10th position is the Houston Rockets before the pitcher Kenny - Smith. In 1995, he was the first NBA Finals game-pointer with 1.6 seconds to face, "Penny" Hardaway capping a large one-third of the Orlando Magic will be dragged into extra-time. Rockets in overtime in the final 120 to win more than 118.

9th bit is the Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry - West. NBA Finals in 1970, the third game, time 3 seconds left, leading the Knicks 102-100. At that time, there is no third line, after I saw the ball quickly into the West in the circle, in the left a second shot when the decisive hit. It is this oversized two-point shot to help the Lakers into overtime and eventually win.

The eighth bit is the original effect Hornets center Alonzo - Alonzo Mourning. In 1993, he eastern part of the first round of the playoffs in the third game, he was also 0.4 seconds left, Alonzo Mourning's jumper at 20 yards to help the Hornets win one point the Celtics, the Celtics returned to the home.

Seventh place is still Rockets player, center Sampson at the last second, he turned to the inside half of a small hook to help the Rockets win the game, this win to make the Rockets participate in the finals of the ticket.

Came in sixth place was the now-retired Jazz superstar Stockton. In 1997, the semi-finals in the west, it was Stockton in the final three seconds at 25 yards hit the decisive third ,103-100, Jazz reached the NBA Finals for the first time, while the Rockets, Barkley was low-spirited grief of the retired.

The fifth position is the Celtics Harder. Perhaps he's less famous, but he was at a known history of the greatest NBA game played a key role. It was the fifth NBA Finals in 1976. In the second and third in both extra-time shot hit at the last moment, became the most famous of the key man.

Came in fourth place Lakers Fisher, 0.4 seconds, he completed the impossible task, be called basketball court, "God's hand."

Came in third and former Lakers star Robert Horry. In 2002, he was the fourth race in the Western semifinals, the face of the Kings - Chris Webber about face of the seal, incredible third shot, the Lakers come from behind to win over one point may be that this one-third, and destroy the king to participate in the Western finals expectations.

The second one was Detroit's Wayne - Johnson. 1990 Finals, he was more than 14 yards outside the double-teamed, but he forced his hand, the ball across a beautiful arc, hollow into the basket. Portland Trail Blazers are hard to believe this team can hit the ball.

The first one is superstars Michael Jordan. In his lifetime, a total of 14 times in the last minute shot hit, turning defeat into victory. To call him Mr. NBA history as the most critical is no exaggeration. Jazz in the face of his two heads off a jumper rated NBA history's most exciting shot.



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