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With this computer can play nba2k9 do?

Today I want to eat meat pie2010-01-31 18:01:03 +0000 #1

myth handsome2010-01-31 18:11:14 +0000 #2
can play my video card is the 7600GT CPU memory, and you have the same

I am now playing and very HIGH worry never be able to play

is the effect of other full-strategy ---
iJure2010-01-31 18:45:12 +0000 #3
off points can be difficult to effect card may not work
does not leave open crotch pants2010-01-31 18:22:43 +0000 #4
CQ genius2010-01-31 19:23:25 +0000 #5
get a graphics card such as NB-point of my GF GTS 250



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