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Exercise the body and bounce, tables

Sawakita _ Eiji2010-04-25 04:28:36 +0000 #1
do not copy what the United States are well-known one. .

Find a master to me out a form.

Example: XX number. . Sub-X group to complete
. . . . To effectively ah. . I 180CM. . 60KG (good thin). . Box can barely grasp. . . My goal is to dunk. . . . .
pcy2159134392010-04-25 04:35:05 +0000 #2
What is in fact what the form is not very Kaopu ah

of course conditions is quite useful

squat once a group of 5 to 20 group is the best for the first time can not stand can be reduced from 40KG start a group of 50

skipping the first three groups of 10 as the best

Leapfrog Group 2

a first step 10 a set of single leg jumping a 5 groups on this the

This is my PE teacher at university s the first time taught all completed the back ...

are soft, to tell you one of my personal approach to heel off the ground

feet is Dianqi to hold on to the table with both hands ah


and then maintained to adhere to a few minutes to adhere to a few minutes

Do not force the hand to the body weight of all toes

In fact, this time into the exercise of the calf muscles when

you can try by your legs to try hard

absolutely insist that each time can not insist on a certain very effective so far

I have to tell you the box ... 174

forget grasping point of the


not just a relationship with the lower leg can also increase your abdominal muscles

it stayed in the air when developed abdominal muscles even further up the way you once again rise in

hair reached the effect of the two vacated or superposition of

so push-ups and sit-ups is also possible to sit along with a group of

20 push-ups within their means to Finally to achieve the best

5 groups a set of sit-ups 20 sit-ups are 5 groups

to do it slowly so slowly

is, the process would be better ---



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