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Play Rubik's Cube How to break 30 seconds

wshstchhhhh2010-01-31 18:01:22 +0000 #1
I play are a minute or so, unable to break through which heroes to help me break 30 seconds
Superman T Highness2010-01-31 18:16:29 +0000 #2
or learn cfop, or stop practicing, or a change in a good Point Cube?

But learning cfop too perverted It's too painful too tired mind

good Rubik's Cube also very expensive, beginners should not buy a good, and probably the odd plot, Wing Chun is the best of these brands


but recommend that you buy Country A, Country C, or the inside back cover

I am the first layer of a record 47 seconds, about three months of training look like (using a 10 money Cube)

keep practicing and learn to observe

The best way is to constantly fight side

because the third-order cube is the most time-consuming fight first surface (first layer of the Law)

require eye hand to observe the speed and muscle speed synchronous

So Xiaopen friend, you still owe life experiences

basic rehabilitation three to five times a day

for a week and then test the next

definitely will make you happy, really

The above is my own answer

The following is copied to another friend's answer (he said very well)

assume that you are "entry level first Law "it, so easily expressed.

30 seconds is very simple, you have got to formulate direction.

Analysis of the target.

Do not fortunate hop, you want to perform several sets of actions: one at the end of Cross, 2 corner, 3 corner, 4 corner, 5 corner, 6 waist edges, 7 waist edges, 8 waist edges, 9 waist edge, 10 Top Cross, 11 turning angle, 12 angle sorting, 13 edges homing.

13 movements, each implementation of the finished within 2 seconds, that is ironclad completed within 26 seconds. The remaining four seconds of your time, cumulative hesitation. This can be completed within 30 seconds.

2 seconds now take a look at the implementation of an end of any routine action how to achieve.

Arranged fingers, so that action can be consistent, so that routine to become routine. Through practice to achieve smooth and non-card, and then beat group movement, a movement is not divided into more than 2 shooting.

The longest routine is the top-level Tri-changing, but all versions have never been more than 12 steps, a lot of people can complete the Tri-for-one seconds, of course, I could, and soon you can.

The other routines to achieve within 2 seconds should be very simple, essentials do not need more to repeat on the progressive realization.

There is a special string of moves, that is the end of cross. Too free, and fixed into a short routine is difficult. This is to more brains and more practice, tend to accumulate a set of fixed action paragraphs. There are no circumstances will more than two paragraphs of action. With a little, then a few months can be achieved two seconds out of a cross. In fact, simpler case, half a second to 1 second can be out at the end of a cross. If you have 10 seconds before a cross, do not be discouraged, this is a very common situation, the majority of the beginning of training Rubik's Cube's friends are like this.

Next, to reduce the delay. Rubik's Cube of people in early practice, the cumulative delay time of more than 1 minute. This is a greatly compressed time-consuming part.

Speed screw ratio than means, people.

First of all you have to eliminate the-spot thinking. This should be achieved through a highly skilled.

Next, in a highly skilled, based on the ability to improve the rotation observed. We should be able to observe the side to switch sides, but also be able to infer the state of the blind spot angle can not be confirmed by the formation of a limited number of blind spots also estimated. The rotating observation, regardless of need, when you carry out routine hand, let hand-self-executing, expend more energy on the goal to find the next block.

Talking about this has been like a science fiction, and not everyone is willing to imagine what will happen, it in fact this is the basis of screw speed.

Gist kinda more, not very simple finish to. And then go on temporary and not helpful, I will not speak of the bar.

Whether you are using a method which way mentioned above, must have basic capabilities. 30 seconds is not high demand, there is no need to buy astronomical Rubik's Cube. If you give in the hands of the cube add some lubricant, will speed up help.

Forum environment will help you a long-term continuous improvement. More, think more exchanges, and more practice.

Do not tired, with their own, and progress is inevitable, relaxed and happy to go to practice. Phased stagnation, it is in the accumulation of "quantitative" to "qualitative change", take a little patience would leap out of the.
KoЪěィFly2010-01-31 18:29:10 +0000 #3
the need for technical ..
linkefan1682010-01-31 18:46:42 +0000 #4
need for technical and talent, but also smart



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