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2k10 can not dunk ah! ! !

1 Dangdang2010-01-31 18:01:36 +0000 #1
Speed + shoot button is useless ah. . . Practice mode does not buckle his life and death, only layup hungry. . .
Game Ren rooms2010-01-31 18:08:05 +0000 #2 a closer look at this, and for your help

Hold down the shoot button (usually a small keyboard, 5), and acceleration Hold the key is to slam dunk.

Of course, there is the ability to dunk problem, if you use a player dunk low capacity may also be inconsistent Koulan.

You are in a multi-try, such as the use of those buckle will: Small AI Smith, and so very easy to
yymengliu2010-01-31 18:21:57 +0000 #3
Your best alternative is that the players ah, if the garbage is, how can dunk it? And then there are, you hold down the shoot button (usually a small keyboard, 5) and the acceleration is a slam dunk by pressing keys has always been. Otherwise you just play sports, first try it, it should be no problem ah
xiaolin01092010-01-31 19:14:36 +0000 #4
That's because you are away from the basket did not run too close in.

You just ran into the one-third of in-line acceleration and then try sure to buckle
handsome guy Shen2010-01-31 18:28:19 +0000 #5
enter +5 or 8 on the list -
weicheng224222010-01-31 18:37:54 +0000 #6
distance a good grasp of, and your ability to jump and dunk What is the value?

If the players themselves fast enough, then obviously do not speed up how bad, there is a time when exhaustion is no way to accelerate!
a504492452010-01-31 20:07:55 +0000 #7
because the 2K10 is more real, and in playing a career mode to play the training game, when you will find at some point do not follow up with this by accelerating the effect is the same, such as when extraordinary or have physical When contacted, as well as dunk, career mode just can not buckle, but you choose depends on the type of player, and a type of player there is a type of player characteristics, of course, value is not the same capacity, ability level of the value of the decision you can can not be deducted, the amount, I would rather a shame, with the hanging, the ability to transfer full value, the basic deduction is casual (of course in a time when defense is basically not even think of), accumulating points bar one day be able to buckle in,



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