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How to Enhancing the ball and jumper training methods

dynasty dynasty 112010-01-31 19:01:15 +0000 #1
I am a high school student, quite love basketball, basketball is not bad.

Would now like to improve my jump shot is not very standard position to understand the training method (not Essentials)

and you want to train under the ball of (method) preferably relatively simple, do not need to use much thinner instruments

And I also need to practice the power method
ten thousand good short2010-01-31 19:17:01 +0000 #2
imitation. Strength
Kivinn2010-01-31 19:29:33 +0000 #3
Ball of practice is to have more contact with the ball

a practice not to start shooting on the shooting looked like

Slam Dunk bar

Yingmuhuadao how Lianqiu of?

Is a boring dribble

waiting for you when the right-hand man skilled dribbling about (I believe you will not be construed as right-hand dribble almost all poor operator skill), and the crotch behind the dribble and so on, the ball should be a pretty good sex.

And then the road is boring dribble, or more training, and practice turning crotch when disguised by adding variable speed drive and other activities.

Anyway, keep in mind the beginning of the movement does not require fancy.

Strength training is more effective training

dumbbell-like devices, the parallel bars of the playground

all parts of the class forces are training to, bearing in mind the muscle rest, generally Monday Tuesday abdominal waist, 34 leg strength, 56 upper body strength, so.

Shooting action is not the most standard, only the most suited to their own.

If the person with short stature so-called positive outcome of most standard posture is to be the object of the other brush cap.



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