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Learning problems related to basketball! ! ! Urgent! ! !

蒓蒓de Love2010-02-01 16:01:41 +0000 #1
I have a classmate he recently weariness of ... he was just playing good basketball sports schools, he said ought to forget ...

he is Hongzhi Ban's! Although the class is the last, but, after all, Hongzhi school ranking is still very possible

we all tried to persuade him but do not know how to say

I would also like to ask, under such circumstances as his high-school-sports school is to learn good or properly test a similar university sports department what ... what other ways Mody?

There are sports schools to go out so what is the way to ah ... to play games to win prizes? Take some money? What if want to go to provincial team is to develop an early age he was not a bar .. not ..? Is very time-consuming and do? Must have a good talent Mody? This regard, I do not know people around this area .. do not want to ask in professional basketball, OK?
hq86032962010-02-01 16:04:03 +0000 #2
you said, he played a good basketball! Specifically to what extent a good degree? Are already into the school team? Or just interested in their own play! And his physical condition be, height, weight

and other aspects of basketball abilities? Some junior high school students, high school sports very good, but he was only with you there, out of the house, went to college, or gone, yes, some people outside who always other able men, and the student body a lot more than you, technical good The are also many! Even if his body in very good condition, very good technically, can not live life by playing basketball, whether it is still amateur career. High school, or learn from it, test a good university, the university can still play, if the play well into the school team, of course, is also a certain amount of income, but it is that a few years younger, basketball, you will not fight for life, you Association of old, but also university graduates to find good work good!
a852935392010-02-01 16:18:02 +0000 #3
If he is willing to endure hardship, love basketball, and put it as their most dream career. Let him go. Only in the sports school, he can get the correct guidance and training, and only in the Sports School will have the opportunity to enter the professional. As long as he behaves well, work hard enough, in this age is the best time to practice basketball. This is my view.
Dark mysterious blue ice2010-02-01 16:38:21 +0000 #4
You can let him apply for sports colleges require scores are not high, if the basketball is really played well, with strength into the provincial team, then go directly there is also OK, at least you are sure to train others Some people want to
Hip-Hop's Jay_Z2010-02-01 17:33:51 +0000 #5
test high-level basketball players ah ... is to get two cards ... If you are unable to get even this depends on not even think about basketball ... get two cards plus one that learning is also a test ... This is easy ah ... can not get a good entrance to bar ...



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