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With regard to the question bouncing

gg6548069652010-02-01 19:01:56 +0000 #1
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1. I am 14 years old, how can we improve when the jumping ability to play basketball in any way, I am not afraid of hardship

2. Is it necessary for the morning practice we go at noon or afternoon Neriyuki No

3. I am now 170cm. My dad 178cm, my mother how high 165cm long I'll be able to eat what will be tall

3. Why should I jump when you can be a very laborious exercise how to easily jump to 4. I am now but still feeling less than 170cm backboard is not Bounce is poor

5. how exercise playing the basketball, like the kind of speed Parker
kongshaw2010-02-01 19:06:30 +0000 #2
1: There are many ways to practice jumping. The most important is to make your ligaments stretching, so that your body full of tenacity, nor is it vulnerable to injuries. Such as regular stretching, doing stretching exercise. There is a rope skipping, tying sandbags, do squat. One thing to note is that not only bouncing leg problems, but also is to practice waist power, this must be serious, this is also an important part of your injury prevention.

2: The second question, to be honest, this is the wise eyes of the beholder see unwise. You see people professional players, it seems, and no separate time periods. The most important is that you should insist on a day and can not Yipushihan.

3: To be honest, you are 14 years old 170cm high, and we can be that the age of 14 years of age rarely you so high, maybe you are right nutrition. From the genetic point of view, your mother had a greater impact on you, your mother 165cm in women had already been part of a relatively high, and as long as the mother of more than 160cm, the child will not be too low. Your father's height in the previous generation who is relatively high. As long as you diet, sleep, exercise (avoid not to place undue movement, otherwise damage the health). There is a good living habits, not smoking, alcohol consumption. More sun exposure.

4: You say you trouble, then obviously, your action is incorrect, or you do not grasp the essentials. Jumper, first you have to prepare for action, not the beginning of the pursuit of quick shot, and slowly to appreciate the action essentials. Both hands holding the ball, shooting hand on top of the ball, auxiliary hand side of the ball better placed in the abdominal contour position, the body slightly curved forward exploration waist, legs slightly bent, shooting hand side of the toes pointing forward. Give up the ball and then start the same time, the body began to stretch. You give the ball to the highest point of your body when you should also be fully extended and has opened a take-off, to the highest point shot, forward wrist, pay attention to, is the first wrist, while the middle finger and index finger began to allocate the ball, and then whole arm stretch forward. Shot out of a practice hard every day insisted that a long time, your muscles have a memory capacity, shooting sight will go up.

5:170 cm intangible rebounds, this hard to say. There are two possibilities, first of all, the height also is not too high, and you do not jumping now developed, so are the intangible. The second is that you do not grasp the gist of take-off. After the best step back, then bent over abdomen, arms after the music, and keep arm muscle tension, while one foot forward (which homeopathy with what), and then his legs in place while the center began after the mention jump. After you have thought they can certainly, this is not too concerned about.

6: First of all to remind you that we are talking about Parker is his speed and faster ball, after all this basketball, not track and field, NBA run more quickly, the key is dribbling skills. We must train the ball over to two hands are as flexible, you can practice with a glove (which is Lianqiu sense), not watching, we should crotch changing hands behind the dribble, and turned and other movements of highly skilled, and can be used interspersed. To improve explosive power and thought they could be more than 30 meters sprint running repeated sprint, for bouncing also be beneficial. There is another point to say is that, you can not blindly fast, the most important thing is the rhythm in this area you see more of Tracy McGrady and Manu Ginobili, and their absolute speed is not fast, but the rhythm of good The soon fast, the slower the slower. Your height in the ordinary course of events where their peers are not the lowest, so you want to combine the characteristics of their own to choose role models, I suggest that you see more of Tracy McGrady's breakthrough, his first step in quickly, first take the initiative, and then the rhythm that according to his personal situation, determined according to the. If you are taller, to prevent your ball when the little man to steal your ball, so you can layup the ball held a little higher, just like Tracy McGrady did.

Well that's all do not know if you are not satisfied with?
huangyizu2010-02-01 19:10:14 +0000 #3
this must insist that willpower not afraid of hardship Caixing ah

such as leapfrog, fixed Mogao, rope skipping, running, and so the best to be a rational plan
ljx59476672010-02-01 20:04:56 +0000 #4
Do not care about the old bounce, and so the body fully developed in the practice .

I have a friend like you is in practice a big jump when the results because of heavy loads, and heads no longer together, his 20-year-old, 178 or so, grasping basket, but the height is too short, and such a body high, and then practice!

My dad 178cm, my mother do you think I am 158cm tall, I am 185cm. (I was, and you have the same pain, here to tell you my way when the bar higher) sleep, adequate sleep, morning note that stretching, and have contributed to a long one.

PS: to give you a CCTV Xu Jicheng teacher practice jumping method.

Holding 4-6 kg of dumbbells (that is, weight-bearing mean) to run the stairs 10 times a group, a group of night 3-5.

Parker's speed would require a very good instincts, and this can ask you a physical education teacher, ran 100 meters Bai He He
zzzddd7772010-02-01 19:28:32 +0000 #5
places, Parker ...
j5986304022010-02-01 19:26:32 +0000 #6
1. Would like to improve the jumping ability, you can practice leapfrog, or to bring sandbags, the effect will be better, but to press on. 2. If you want to practice, the best all-day practice, availability could be jumping leapfrog, to bring a day of sandbags, removed and when the dance will feel very relaxed, insisted Lianxia Qu, spring force will be significantly improved. 3. You should not be less than 180cm, more than play basketball, eat more calcium, and can grow more quickly. 4. Jumper to practice jumping ability and arm strength of arm exercise is very simple to do a few push-ups a day can be .5. People Parker is a professional player, if you want to achieve the kind of water products, should do more exercise, basketball, please one Coaching , of course, no guarantee that you will like him. Thank you
novak7772010-02-01 21:16:08 +0000 #7
feet tied bricks a day, Tiao A



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