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Location and place to play basketball training methods

qdwudunchuan2010-02-01 19:02:03 +0000 #1
1.72 I started this, what position to play the game, the ball in a bit weak, the rule of force inside quite strong, and the other extraordinary to justify a breakthrough sharp, there are rebounding, there are bouncing, defense needs to be improved would be anti-run, pick and rolls,'s singles. But I hit ratio based on physical impact, ladies and prawns class a favor, I am for what position, how should training?
Oh, ah no it was not2010-02-01 19:17:17 +0000 #2
their school class school team playing the team, then you can play C or PF, or SF, career development, then ... look at what happened to you after.

In addition, if schools ban their own school team playing the team, you can choose your favorite position, like warfare and have the rhythm of vision and ability to control, you can try to do G, but! G's defense requirements are high.

As for F, if you do not much like warfare, rather like the low attack, then can choose to PF, it is also suitable for the rule of force inside you say ^ _ ^, SF, if demand for a high shot.

Look at your description, in fact, C is very suitable for you, you have a dominant offense can try to low-back physical singles, if there is projection capability, then, C pull out of projection C is also absolutely right to contain super-strength capacity.

As for the training, with your situation is power, and low capacity.
John88862010-02-01 19:29:00 +0000 #3
pf, but opponents generally have higher height, or the height of one's own has enough time to play singles and SF

enhance personal shooting



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