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Basketball small forward offensive skills

18,571,568,7532010-02-01 19:02:10 +0000 #1
My 13 years of age, height 160CM, jumped up to touch about two meters 10, hope Which Big Brother help me
shadow198711232010-02-01 19:12:55 +0000 #2
You have a very high啦, and the junior high school boys'm especially Fast! The data may be on the Mogao you really was wrong, ha ha, I think you that they should head to 180cm to 190cm, my height is 190, the institute went there, and you have to refuel呀!

Yes, the fight forward should be quite suitable for you, if you want to play small forward in the basic skills must be very solid, there must be a breakthrough in ball capacity, accurate two-thirds and the E-STOP jumper is also necessary.

I suggest you jump from the emergency stop he started practicing, there are several reasons:

1 is the emergency stop and change the jumper is often linked with, for example, running through crotch dribble-STOP (to the right of the break so, step right foot, dribble shot from the right leg transported outside of his left hand, reverse the same reason); lateral movement in the cross-step-STOP (to the right side of lateral movement, a fierce left foot step forward at the same time turn surface box firmly to the right of the momentum into upward stretch), etc. Here are the changes to make more basic, could do a very good jumper preparation. Personal view is that the time in laying foundations, T-Mac will not follow the drift of jumper, that is very easy to hard to lay a firmer transformed into a "wave to vote"!

2 is the training of shooting when the basic fundamental play, if you do not shoot the hit rate, no one will be afraid of your break, because he is far from the basket as long as I saw your changes to the show, then you are ready to cover up hot pot on the list. In the free-throw line on both sides of a 45-degree angle shot is very practical, useful deterrent effect, defending side afraid you shoot, you have to close to the defense, not only spent more physical, but also easy to break. The reason is very simple, get the distance from the close, the reaction would be too late Uta.

STOP jumper auxiliary practice there are several, you can try, an ability to train jumping, leapfrog, jump left and right hand touching interactive rebounds very effective; another one is the take-off after the movement stability, arm and large arm was at right angles to the arm and trunk was at right angles to the index finger middle finger dial ball, hollow palm of your hand, these basic things should be trained in a more stable, professional training and even the use of timber to a fixed, very hard. There is a shuttle run, training, calf and thigh muscles when changing to a more coordinated and rapid.

Finally stress that certain basic skills must be solid! Like shooting hand type, once practice was wrong to spend twice the effort to come back to practice! Hope these answers help you, I wish you excel at expert. Problems can also be to ask me questions, I am also a basketball fanatic, Hehe.
Flags Wood Liszt2010-02-01 19:24:46 +0000 #3
I was playing this position, you now Gaobu Gao body speed and strength, or as the goal, the official basketball game confrontational and stronger Sure enough, there must be practiced in a stable single-handedly cast
mayomei2010-02-01 19:16:40 +0000 #4
You are not a mistake of the two meters 10? ? ? There are basically asking for this highly of the ah, you can only jump a few centimeters? Another 13-year-old are not allowed to practice the power, even if the use of their own gravitational forces can not exercise too much. So, talent is very important that this point. Not to say that hard work will certainly be rewarding.
liudw2592010-02-01 20:04:49 +0000 #5
In fact, every person has their own offense for someone else to tell you

but you can only copy

on the pitch he has discovered a rich imagination of some, but to comply with technical specifications and some balls

usual multi-age and old people who share Communication

someone else would like to point out would be ideal on its own



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