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Ji Qiu ah! ! Winter basketball training! ! Forward exercise program! !

dim silent _ God2010-02-01 20:01:47 +0000 #1
Next term we will be held at the basketball game between classes啦! ! I started this 13-year-old, 165,48 kg, wants to play power forward, standing, though not high but at least it will not be hard to eat, but the problem is I have quite thin, and two centimeters shorter than me than I am weighing 10 pounds, can be an injection into inside.

I have a comprehensive physical fitness is also good, bouncing pretty good rebounding is also pretty good, aggressive measures are not enough rich people in defense of the same age is absolutely first-rate, speed, power, power is because it would be to eat a little weight loss reasons. I would like to play power forward.

You master so tell me about how to Enhancing the power forward of the technology? And I want to increase weight, it should be how to do? I would like to practice very strength, but also how ah??

Well said extra points, ah -
sxfsjsll2010-02-01 20:15:42 +0000 #2
theory-based learning: a system to download video, key learning and dribble the ball, this is to play ball basic, can reduce the errors increasing rapidly. Must be able to do close their eyes to fancy dribbling.

Physical exercise: the name of play would not have, and every day doing the push-ups just fine. But we must remember that practicing wrist force.

Shooting practice: When I play every day do at least 100 shots, it should be said, generally 300. A variety of locations, fixed cast, the jumper should be, as well as running cast, dumped and so on.

Lian Bounce: Online There are many ways to practice every day can improve the preceding period, to the back as long as the casual day, and thought enough.

Overall strength: The best way is, and who singled, singled out in various ways to attack.

Team basketball force and energy: play 3V3喽, to improve quickly.

The above is my experience, every time I attached a separate practice on the general situation, you can refer to.

I basically do 100 push-ups a day, and then playing basketball about a half an hour. To the stadium, the first extended look at jump jump, dribble and then do exercises, which are fancy dribbling practice, (dribble do not look at their hands). Then shooting, all kinds of shots are practiced. Shooting finished layup, his left hand and right-handed layup layup both. Then casually name of play, to the last practice fancy layup, such as behind the changing hands, cross the next changed hands, turn around, pull rod.

If there is a group of people, then carry a half bar, half-court is a fun, skills upgrading, not apparent.

And then look at players who are able to look at how to play basketball, and more refined. Also as a novice I tell you, dribbling practice, the ball of sexual practice, shooting practice is most important, if Enhancing these three, looks like a master of.
Sinmu big genius2010-02-01 20:40:59 +0000 #3
training dumbbells, eating eggs white powder.
lijiedong20092010-02-01 20:24:22 +0000 #4
according to your height should not be playing power forward is to adapt, but if you really want to play, then, nor is it impossible. The basic scoring power forward is inside singles, to learn to hook, even in the face than their tall striker can still score. In addition to post-up scoring, but also voted to strengthen the jump shot. Plus you have the advantage of bouncing back and the body's singles and then turn around jump shot It's a good scoring skills, but to practice this mode of China may be a lot of time and I hope LZ will be successful!
Foolish2010-02-01 21:00:49 +0000 #5
does not take into account body weight, even without considering the next semester!

Only consider the technology, is hereby re-considered three years after the body / mind goal!

Person who, without long and short term, seek peace under which Seoul
wretched of the air2010-02-01 22:16:29 +0000 #6
Ha ha ha! 165 playing a little bit pf Chengneng ah! I 175,70 kg were playing sf!

Day, 30 push-ups and 100 sit-ups and 50 squat jump

5X12 leapfrog steps in addition to practicing the flexibility!

Eat! Reasonable arrangements for meals!

A month later you can become a domineering power forward!



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