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How to train hand strength?

shihaodabao2010-02-01 22:01:29 +0000 #1

lighting Dream2010-02-01 22:08:32 +0000 #2
Hand strength simply is to practice wrist force.

Exercise brawn would have intensified their efforts to pitch before the practice could be further accuracy, such as three points, the premise that there are wrist force and accuracy.

Exercise brawn of of ways, Youyidaonan as follows:

1, lifting heavy objects. Who are able to do more things to mention the movement, which looked as if it has nothing to do on the wrist force, in fact not the case, to improve their grip strength for the future development of a strong wrist force base.

2, means leaning rest. With 10 fingers touch the ground way to do push-ups. This is the exercise grip strength and wrist force the first step. In this part of the longer insist on the outcome will be better.

3, horizontal bar hanging. The longer the greater the grip strength.

4, Volume "jin wrist." Is the way to the first floor of a friend said. This approach to the grip strength is a big improvement and can hold the hand grip to enhance endurance, but exercise is relatively laborious. End each exercise must be sustained and the subsequent need for a thorough relaxation exercises to put right forearm. Rope can be aggravated by the department of weights to improve strength. The hanging weight of 5 kg, the rope length 1.2 m, can breath Volume 2 and back, this time right-hand grip strength can crush an ordinary cup.

5, their hands held side-grip body. That with both hands holding a thick stick perpendicular to the ground, the body raised to and parallel to the ground. Might sound strange that it is not difficult, some can do 100 in one breath means the leaning rest of the time, there is the ability to do hands on the

side grips give body, and the longer the greater the exercise intensity, this method of exercise of the wrist explosive .

But remind you, Lian Wan wrist force after 1-2 months, will greatly reduce the degree of pitching potential, because the intensity changes in the wrist, but a month later associate degree will substantially increase.
zcybasketball2010-02-01 22:28:26 +0000 #3
do that a good grip stays Oh! Refueling



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