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With regard to basketball defensive skills (anti-striker) is the problem?

PHR11172010-02-01 22:01:54 +0000 #1
I am at point guard, physical fitness does not highlight the fight against weak, spring force in general, as a general speed. Face some shots terrible shooter, along with a good breakthrough in capacity (but the shot-based). The face of this type of offensive player, it is really nerve-racking, not knowing a good shot against, or guard him a good breakthrough. Quote that he would bear some, he will choose to break; to give him some space, I would have hit a jump shot deadly. The face of this type of attackers, how do I defend his results would work best?
lijiedong20092010-02-01 22:11:02 +0000 #2
you have to use defensive sideways, sideways defensive weakness is the main negative, if he was the opposite, if you break through what he had, but then can also be quick about change, I was such a defense, the assumption yes must be stuck to him, if he chooses the words from the front too, unless he's faster than you were super-Super Multi, otherwise, it is not possible in the past, so if you have a lane in the left, you on the right side of , which is positive toward the right, he would make life difficult, and even if he passed on the left, behind you there is still inside to help you make up, he also nothing approach.

There is also a major problem, namely when he, after catching, and if my words, I generally do not jump, because a lot of people is a false cast, the other party hop, we break into, even if he did vote, and you see him jump before you jump may be no way to take him, but has also created a disturbance, so that he will drop the hit rate. If his projection is quasi-words, so that you can not blame himself, after all, so many NBA Defensive Owen, faced with a hot hand is also the Founder of the helpless! I am also a defender, if you encounter any problem, it was also communicate with each other about our bar!

Complement-pass critical point, almost missed, and if the other side stopping time, I suggest you block each other's eyes and hands, so that it will interfere with each other's eyes.
qq5460308472010-02-01 22:28:54 +0000 #3
The key lies in their physique to enhance it, a sense of position is also very important, anti-his position is important.
orange82282010-02-01 23:09:54 +0000 #4
release step, shot when masked
fdthdu2010-02-01 22:24:04 +0000 #5
foolish girl, and that if the shot terrible, what will break, and you consequently not, it is also anti-ass ah! waiting off the hook bar! Why Kobe beef than ah? is that we can suddenly can not vote?!!
alexvan20102010-02-01 23:30:42 +0000 #6
In fact, the team is to look at, oh. You are probably half a step to step in defending Caesar, and if other people have no way to break through that Caesar, and only rely on others to assist in the defense of. Another point is that you want to strengthen their own physical strength and speed ah!
jordanzxt2010-02-02 01:00:06 +0000 #7
anti-vote, leaving a certain distance, almost a step bar. No cast 100 into 100, and the other when the impact of what can be shot, usually blocked eye. Do not eat the most important is the Huang-stabilized! Was really hot hot hand on the grip, look for opportunities to create in each other, when suddenly a foul!



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