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NBA team's core players

dhd12172010-02-02 00:01:09 +0000 #1
please list the core of each team out of NBA players, to present the latest!

Write the whole of the additional points!
Game Ren rooms2010-02-02 00:04:30 +0000 #2
San Antonio Spurs: Tim Duncan 21. 9 Parker 20 Manu - Manu Ginobili

Minnesota Timberwolves: 25 Al - Jefferson

Sacramento Kings 23 Kevin - Martin, 13 Tai Ruike - Evans (future leaders)

Miami Heat: Wade

3 Detroit Pistons: 3 Starkey 32 Richard - Hamilton

Boston Celtics: 34: Pierce 5 Kevin Garnett 20 Ray Allen

Memphis Grizzlies: 32 OJ-Mayo 22 Rudy - Gay

Denver Nuggets: 15 Anthony 7. Billups

Phoenix Suns: 13 Steve Nash 1: Stoudemire

Orlando Magic: 12 Dwight - Howard

Indiana Pacers: 33 Danny - Granger

Philadelphia 76ers: 9 Andre - Andre Iguodala Allen 3 - Allen Iverson (not leaders, but the I like to)

Dallas Mavericks: 41 Dirk - Nowitzki

8 Utah Jazz Deron - Williams

Los Angeles Lakers 24 Kobe Bryant

Atlanta Hawks 2 Joe - Johnson

James Cleveland Cavaliers 23

New York Knicks 42 David - Lee (currently of the most important player)

Houston Rockets Yao Ming 11 (the greatest influence) 31 Shane - Shane Battier 44 Chuck - Chuck Hayes (two captain). present Offensive Core: Landry Brooks


7 Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Clippers 35 Chris - Chris Kaman 1 Baron - Davis

Washington Wizards 4 Antoine 10000 - Jamison 3 Caron - Bart Le

Chicago Bulls 1 Derek - Brooke Rose

New Jersey Nets 11 - Lopez (indeed he was)


3 New Orleans Hornets Oklahoma City Thunder Team 35 Kevin - Durant

Golden State Warriors 8 Montana - 3 Ellis

Charlotte Bobcats Gerald Wallace 22

Milwaukee Bucks - Michael Redd (injury) 3 Brandon - Jennings (future)

Toronto Raptors 4 - Chris Bosh
poetabcde2010-02-02 00:34:12 +0000 #3
that we have to ask ah?

Could see for himself does not know啦,
break Insider2010-02-02 00:40:54 +0000 #4
Miami Heat: Dwyane. Weide

New Jersey Nets: Richard - Jefferson German. Harris

Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron. James husky Er. O'Neill

Milwaukee Bucks: Brandon. Jennings

Philadelphia 76ers: Andre Iguodala

Washington Wizards: Gilbert - Arenas Antoine - Jamil Senka Long. Butler

Chicago Bulls : This. Gedenglali. Hughes

Orlando Magic: Dwight - Howard Rashard - Lewis, He more. Turkoglu

Boston Celtics: Paul. Pierce Kevin. Jianeitelei. A Lun

Toronto Raptors: Chris - Bosh

New York Knicks:马布里埃迪- Curry

Charlotte Bobcats: Oka Fugu Sen. Richardson

Atlanta Hawks: Joe. Mike Johnson. Bi more than

San Antonio Spurs: Tim. Duncan

Phoenix Suns: Steve. Nash

Denver Nuggets: Cameron. Anthony

Dallas Mavericks: Dirk. Nowitzki

Memphis Grizzlies: Rudy. Guy

Los Angeles Clippers: Elton - Brand

Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe. Bryant

Oklahoma City / New Orleans Hornets: Chris. Paul David.韦斯特泰森. Chandler

Minnesota Timberwolves: Al. Jefferson

Utah Jazz: Carlos - Boozer Andrei Kirilenko Dillon. Williams

Golden State Warriors: Baron - Stephen Davis. Jackson

Sacramento Kings: Ron Artest Kevin. Martin

Seattle SuperSonics: Kevin. Durant

Portland Trail Blazers: Brandon. Roy McGregor. Auden

Houston Rockets: Tracy. McGrady Yao Ming
Beach Love Shell2010-02-02 01:24:55 +0000 #5
Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant James Knight 23



Magic Howard, Toronto's Boss Heat Wade 3



Hornets Paul Anthony, the Nuggets 3
zzcc012345672010-02-02 02:07:09 +0000 #6
2 floor, said quite full, but are one or two years ago, and New Jersey's Jefferson Spurs go back, and the Magic's Hedo Turkoglu has already left, and Phoenix's Stephon Marbury seems to want to come to Shanxi team, and Louzhu see more NBA, would know , and four floor fun with the humans say quite right



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