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Name: moco (moke)

nickname: Small Garnett, the terrorists (bin Laden)

Nickname: Momo, small Lai, small 6

Birthday: September 29, 1982

Height: 2.10 m

Weight: 108 kg

Birthplace: Jilin Province, Changchun City,

Education: Beijing University of Physical Education

Unit: 81 teams (PLA)

position: center

Team Number: 12

81 Team Number: 6

for the first time slam dunk: 1997

in-situ Mogao: Run-up Mogao: Vertical Bounce:

nirvana: fast-break habit: play on the computer's favorite color: purple Favorite animal: Dogs

the most favorite dishes to eat: Northeastern Chinese cuisine, Cantonese

most admired player: Michael Jordan, Liu Yudong

personal experience:

Changchun City, began training budding young basketball club,

1995 units in Shenyang selected team and 2001 national team.

Brilliant record of

2001 World University Games runner-up to 2002 CBA league runner-up to 2003 CBA championship and 2004 runner-up

CBA league eighth in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in 2005, China won the Asian Championship title

2006 CBA league runner-up to 2006 China to enter the World Championship in Japan 16

2006 Doha Asian Games champion and 2007 CBA championship



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