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Weak weak I ask: "Garnett," Garnett Which people?

angel_sun2010-01-18 08:01:14 +0000 #1
I've really do not know, please tell! ! !

Thank you! ! !
pebbles 20082010-01-18 08:09:56 +0000 #2
Garnett, of course, the Americans in the United States players have their own right to choose, but a lot of people do not care about the Olympics, thinking about the NBA championship rings, a lot of big-name stars represent the United States failed to participate in has competed.

Kevin Garnett (Kevin Garnett)

Nationality: United States

Birthday: May 19, 1976

Nicknames: Garnett

Position: Striker

Height: 2.11 meters

Weight: 99.8 kilograms

graduate school: Falajiate High School Farragut Academy HS (IL)

Draft: 1995 No. 1 No. 5

07-08 season salary: 23.75 million U.S. dollars

Contract: The 5-year 100 million, 2003/10/1 sign, due summer 2009; 3 years 51 million, 2008 / 8, to extend the contract for the summer of 2009 entry into force of the summer of 2012 due

Team: Boston Celtics

jersey number: 5

Favorite food: hamburger ﹑ fries and pizza.

Idol: Magic Johnson.

Garnett is the NBA from high school directly into one of the few players. Four years in high school, Garnett won a total of 2,533 points, 1,807 rebounds and 739 blocked shots. American basketball game at McDonald's, he received the title of the most outstanding player. In 1995, Kevin Garnett in the NBA Draft first round of fifth overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves selected. 97-98 season, Kevin Garnett with an average 9.6 rebounds per game in the NBA list 10th place, 1.83 blocks per game ranked 13th place, 1.70 steals ranked 18th place, 45 times the first two pairs of ranks 4. In 1998, Garnett for the first time to achieve his personal career triple-double: 18 points, grab 13 rebounds, 10 assists. 98-99 season, Garnett blocked shots in scoring ﹑ ﹑ rebounds and four steals all entered the NBA pre-20. From 2002 to 2003 season, Kevin Garnett hit his personal best score: 23 points, 13.4 rebounds and 6 assists. 2007-08 season, he joined the Boston Celtics and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce with the formation of a "Celtics Big Three", with an average scoring 13.8 points per game and 7.3 rebounds.

Past achievements 1995-96 season, rookie second team selection in 1996, in the All-Star rookie tournament had eight points, four rebounds and 6 assists in 1998 for the first time in the All-Star game 1998-99 season, the first issue of Field , named five-time All NBA Third Team NBA All-Defensive team six times named the best team six-time NBA All-Star team in 2000, named the U.S. national team, was 2000 Olympic gold medal winning team in 2008 was elected the best defensive individuals 07 -08 to follow the Celtics win a championship season. Had 6 All-Star Game in 2003, was elected the 52nd session of the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player in 2004, four Western Conference Players of the monthly re-elected; NBA All-Star team, the best first team, the best defensive team in May Elected regular season MVP (Most Valuable Player) 2007-2008 season, the Celtics the best defensive players, the first season, Auerbach was awarded the 2007-2008 Most Valuable Player award for the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves Garnett Kevin Garnett Garnett design a3 Garnett exclusive second-generation personal signature basketball shoes, silver color will pre-empt the market in February, Kevin Garnett will also be NBA star match in February, the first appearance wearing the shoes. May 19, 1976, Garnett was born in South Carolina a small town called Mao. Parents when he was very young, they parted ways. Kevin Garnett had his mother, but she do not have much capacity to support Kevin Garnett and Howard Eisley. Later the mother married a man, step-brother and sister did not treat both of Garnett. Childhood, for Kevin Garnett can be a difficult experience. "You could say I have simply never had a worry-free childhood," years away, so Kevin Garnett back on the past, he seemed reluctant. From the age of 13, Kevin Garnett would have to go out to work every day to make money, feed their families. He has engaged in similar acts more than 10 kinds of different jobs, from the handling of luggage, to scrub cars, as long as any permitted by law, and be able to feed himself and his sister's errand, and then hard living tired, Garnett will be rushing to do, vacation day when he had to work 20 hours. When young people experience, so Kevin Garnett is more responsible than the average person. He always felt an obligation to help others. In the last year of high school, Garnett Granny promised to neighbors, regardless of whether he will have the ability, he will come back to help with raising her grandson Hepburn. Granny is the guardian of Hepburn, but she was unable to teach grandchildren. Kevin Garnett and the Timberwolves in 1995, after signing a huge contract, he decided to adopt Hepburn, and became his guardian. "I did a lot of money to give him enough that he and his grandmother has made life more comfortable," Garnett said, "but I think that is one thing to give money to care for him and help him grow together, it is another one thing. I hope he (Hepburn) in the future can become a useful person to society, rather than pay a bad friend, detours. "no matter how busy, Garnett will also find time to accompany Hepburn with chat, play," I that such open to him than simply a 1 million check, much more useful. "Perhaps because of his long-suffering, Garnett is very helpful. Two years ago, Garnett has also created xxxxl Foundation, which is a foundation dedicated to helping young people for their efforts in guiding the correct path in life, and provide them with employment opportunities. In 2008 to win NBA championship
Goose City, Cai-xia2010-01-18 08:51:05 +0000 #3
Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett, 1976 Nian 5 19 in the United States born in South Carolina
masterpieces of insects2010-01-18 08:41:49 +0000 #4
American standards.
Maybe丶happiness2010-01-18 09:30:36 +0000 #5
Simple NO nonsense Americans



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