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Basketball what position I play it? Non-professional questions

wang342387152010-02-06 06:01:28 +0000 #1
height of 180 third-year 16-year-old well-proportioned body weight 78KG - -! Barely touch the vertical take-off after the warm-up basket. Wingspan of about 1cm shorter than the height. Dribble not this way, is not likely to break = =. But you can look inside grind, attack mode rather monotonous, the basic is that the basket strong play, or in the cast, and thus survive the many hats, like passing, a friend to take me pass quite comfortably = = knowing how to use pick and rolls, there are from outside the area investment in capacity, not two-thirds capacity. Will defend it, there is block shots, but shooting is not very stable. Strong rebounding ability, followed by 5 cm higher than I am about get a rebound problem.

Play what position, the pro-they see it, I need to add.
shrimp to register2010-02-06 06:11:30 +0000 #2
large before, or the high pivot center.

Finally see a weight of more than 75 + big man, and good. Means you can muscle density.

Congenital condition is already available in easily peers card bit, and so long to talk about the next issue of your position.

Vertical take-off to touch box, En note you can still bounce, and do not know that your projectile velocity, and how even the kind of jumping ability.

If the projectile velocity quickly, then the center to do, if even before the big jump were good.

Because the center's role is to make sure a grasp on the board, so a bunch of people at the time of take-off speed of your shells than they must quickly grasp rebounds down care in the chest, catch on the care of others dig the ball.

The Great ago rebounds coolies, both cards also have a good rebounding position to judge the ability, in a bunch of people jump when the ball as long as you can dial up and re-use of your strengths even jump jump straight down to grasp rebounds.

Again to talk about your pass

Now you can spread the ball comfortably, then you can then attack the scope of free-throw line to do when pulled high by coordinated action, role, just like Yao Ming, Costa Rica, like big guys pull out of the basket is empty , little man running, with location of transmission, no location of the body back singles, "but you can look inside grind" is embodied the role of your time. But pay attention to the situation around you, be careful someone to steal the ball.

Feel the body back into the singles when the grind is not appropriate to strengthen the back muscles under their own training to see if Pierce know that the league's most well-developed back muscles, back body singles a mere trifle.

"Knowing how to use screens for" - This sentence could be suitable for any location, as long as you pick and rolls. However, the higher the better man.

Right now that your weaknesses

"dribble not this way, is not likely to break," This is a point guard and small before the fatal injury, if you are not very willing to do hard labor in the inside want to walk, then moved to an outside line , then you will begin to strengthen your own dribbling exercises and surprise of the.

1, empty practice very varied pace.

2, empty the flexibility of doing the right-hand man campaign - will use less out of hand, index finger and ring finger curled up with the first, and then refers to the huddle when the ring finger of your extended middle finger and little finger. - While this is a method of practicing the piano, but very useful.

3, emergency nothing to go on the basketball court play, single point could not play inside, to break ball.

"Shooting is not very stable" of all fatal occupational injuries, can not be done rebounding machine, no meaning.

1, with each other to the empty right-hand man behind the Bai Bai - Exercise your wrist flexible.

2, learn to jump, take-off when the body will not have any extra action, destruction of center of gravity, vulnerable to injuries.

3, fixed-point shots to learn the Zaiqu school-STOP, heads off to technical live, can not insist.
+++++++++++++++++++++ Gorgeous split line ++++++++++++++++++++

on my current point of view, you are tall and there are only 16 up a long trend, if an amateur strongman wanted to go visit the center, large pre-development, and if want to go visit the big pre-professional strongman, small pre-development.

I think you can do the small front.

Because I is also a small front, 182, weight 94KG before the drifting away of a small
liulubin19892010-02-06 06:25:28 +0000 #3
center on your view of this situation is the most appropriate, because you dribble no, height and weight are good, it should also be long - , generally do not play professional basketball, then inside request, the body back singles, and slowly grind look inside, there's a hook on the good.
xiaogeda000002010-02-06 07:08:13 +0000 #4
large before the bar, and multi-coordinate teammates. . . Sometimes you can also organize attacks. . . . Practice under the basket Technology
xiaobinhu20092010-02-06 07:18:21 +0000 #5
If you strengthen the breakthrough and dribble, and you prefer to go it alone, I suggest you play power forward, because you are the height advantage, but you can grow higher, which are the advantages of You only junior high, there is a very good development. If you prefer to rebound the ball, you should carry a center, but you still have to respect the power strengthened the power center is critical, many centers are power-type players, in order to guard them, and power is inevitable, and can be practicing a practice hook, the cast is also more critical, but the speed, they are not so high. So look at your own will to choose.



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