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Basketball ball scores a sense of order to a training program

Mr丨War marks2010-02-06 08:01:08 +0000 #1
Please help me design a training program for ball feel

claim clear.

A good plus points
22319852010-02-06 08:05:59 +0000 #2
I tell you, in fact, there is no training program, to do whatever you want to do a good job you do best, single-minded point, OK.

I am a school team center 178cm, is not very short! But I have strong points is the center charged Wei!

I am not very afternoon, playing sports classes than the guy who shot accurately and faster than the defender, I put my tips tell you!

That is, when I go to school to concentrate on my school's commitment to school, never half-hearted. But I play basketball when I would be crazy to play.

For example, during the summer holidays, the first day, I am at home reading books, I must stay at home reading books, not do something else.

The next day, I am at home, the Internet, I went online I do not do something else.

The third day, I would like to play, I am 8 am I went to the school play, hit 12 points.

15:00, I went to play, hit 6.30 points, at night I went to play, went to district where more than 7:00 to play street ball.

I do things that are very specific, so I hit the ball a day, the equivalent of someone playing basketball for a week, I am more often than not they are powerful reason for this is to focus and effort! ! ! ! ! Perseverance!

Also, whatever we do must have their own characteristics, such as my school, my physics and mathematics is the strongest, and is my trump card! Because I am out of practice!

Play basketball too, have their own characteristics, for example, I have one-third so I had Kuanglian third, and so I reaches a large portion of the prospective than others, when I come back even break! ! !

Play it, ah - I suggest you go running more bar!

Where do anything special that you can啦! I am sure you visit!
Lin Peipei Tina2010-02-06 08:33:29 +0000 #3
program is no longer being, only one way to practice every day, dribble, dribble a variety of positions, it is not as mechanical as Sakuragi motionless exercises, various postures, crotch cross, before and after changes to, behind, etc., various postures are practiced, many NBA players would take the emergency nothing to shoot two balls in his hands under it is this reason, I remember what seemed to read, it seems that Arenas bar, once a day the way to the Arena are patting the ball to the crotch cross, but as long as the middle of the wrong one, it will again from scratch, though a bit nosy, but can see that all of those players a sense of how to train the ball out of the When your life is only basketball, you feeling the ball well is immune



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