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Ask: basketball dribbling skills around the obstacle to what?

chemibjbaijing2010-02-06 08:01:56 +0000 #1
High school girls. Examination requirements 14.3 seconds, but I will now take at least 16.7 seconds, with a total sense of pace Maibu Kai, but also always afraid of the ball away.

Also, in the absence of barriers to practice context, how ah?

Thank you!
Autumn shallow thoughts2010-02-06 08:06:24 +0000 #2
too simple, and to tell you the quickest way to a daily time to be separated when the hand-ball, on the linked film, so they can hand for the shoot, and then there is the inverted hand, there are that is, girls down for a week in the Wizard of Dribble, and then there is the question of pace, and so you pat the ball of agile, and on the walking Bounce the ball, has completed the on slowly trot, and then is a big run Bounce the ball, remember not to walk a straight line when the volleyball run He walked eight-word line, at the beginning of a little suffering, do not hurry, take your time, multi-shot time you will become even more familiar with the time that! ! Package out of you a week to practice! ! ! Deep铁杵磨成针Well as long as the martial arts. I was playing when the boys started to do anything but are often ridiculed, and left me to practice every day, almost the ball leave their hands, and slowly was recognized, and is now for the school team had! ! Believe me! !
See your plans2010-02-06 08:07:17 +0000 #3
Basketball players dribble in terms of entry for just can not be too hasty to Riding out. Otherwise, it could easily throw the ball transport, transport students lost lost time. For around the bar in terms of skills, pay attention to the coordination of hands and feet, hands the ball to be transported, such as changing their thoughts freely, turning their focus when you should pay attention to the conversion may well win.

The above said is very clear, first, we must know in their hearts where obstructions. Fully prepared to bypass the action,

Do not mistake the second, Wan lost, then Moxi, and rather slowly but also Qiuwen

third that practice, and practice their own conscious under the dribbling and dribbling over the ridge, there is no barriers self-created obstacles, put a small object on OK, and practice makes perfect, the examination will want to come easily, and refueling
LeGend_RKO2010-02-06 09:01:06 +0000 #4
exam practice may give you too little time, and many boys dribble to achieve arbitrary state had to months

do not know if you've seen the slam dunk did not, at the beginning Sakuragi is in-situ single-handed dribble, I primary school basketball coach was to make us that right-handed dribble in situ training, and then his left hand dribble, may continuously for several hours, until the training can begin to feel out the left and right cross dribble. As for the move can not be overanxious for quick results in dribbling, and a start you are walking or jogging can transport the same, and practiced out of feeling, even at full speed before accelerating.

As for the crotch of those flip what you do not need it, should be trained in a week can be bad, the most important thing is that you have confidence, the courage to dribble, and we have a buddy in the hostel dorm room too is called the transport a good, dazzled, a play ball shoot instability, mainly a lack of confidence, fear a fool of myself
qjlht2010-02-06 09:31:04 +0000 #5
very simple to practice with the ball like a ball, when not to bow their heads and then slowly watching Slow start running with the ball changing hands on the ball on the OK of the



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