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I can grow to how high

L · Jerry2010-02-06 09:01:49 +0000 #1
I am now about 94 years, 167CM born.

My dad 171CM my mother 163CM

last year in front of about 10CM long 12CM around

Can I still grow to much higher?
mad LonelyHAN2010-02-06 09:08:12 +0000 #2
upstairs buddies do not know, do not talk nonsense, OK? I am 23 this year, my mother my 183cm tall 175cm by 158cm my dad does it mean that you are so I can only count grows to 166cm? Fallacy I have another brother, 28-year pro-177cm in height even if you ask the right formula for why such a large error of my brother and I have a poor away from this formula is also too far away, right? ? ? Nonsense! ! ! I dare not say there is no such clear-cut formula but it is certainly not like you! !

In fact, the person's height really great with the genetic reasons, but I tell you the day after tomorrow I Louzhu training, according to your say Louzhu You seem a breakthrough after a period of time, 170cm tall and is not a problem you should be 156 years old this year this age group is middle school is what you after puberty, when! Zhang height crucial period during which you secrete endocrine hormones stimulate the growth of your adolescent will be highlighted such as your Adam's apple, your pituitary secretion of hormones to stimulate your height line drill, Shanghai is currently the market is not the kind of drugs can effectively control human endocrine, So my proposal is nothing more exercise at this time when 10 million can not be fat, fat can inhibit or retard your growth and development (such as some fat person who, without apparent Adam's apple, armpit developmental bad ==) followed by calcium deficiency at this time do not Because you are developing need a lot of calcium! Do not what to buy so-called calcium drugs, lacks of price was also very expensive to drink more than drinking milk bone soup, eat some animal cartilage, avoid not picky eaters.

Sports, I wonder if you like it or not running, jogging is good for your body, but increased strongly recommend that you practice a simple horizontal bar, horizontal bar, the two hands grasp the feet off the ground day after day "hanging" for a while , the purpose of hanging is only a skeletal traction ----- conduct some of your guidance, but there are plans to moderate a day, do not hurt themselves.

Last is to ensure that adequate sleep it, so can not say you can exceed height of Yao Ming, but at least your original height and physical fitness is good! ! ! As for your height one would dare to completely and accurately predicted the special! Willing to answer your questions can be helpful to also hope to get scoring! ! !
yzjdsly2010-02-06 09:27:19 +0000 #3
174.5! ! !

Formula male (father + mother + 15) / 2
One Person, One Dreamの2010-02-06 09:17:24 +0000 #4
should be 175 or so
bb_qws2010-02-06 10:41:55 +0000 #5
Shuai had also to worry about2010-02-06 09:43:04 +0000 #6
personal circumstances of bar! Not necessarily, nutrition catch up with more exercise - basketball, high jump, rope skipping - as long as the jump of a class I would like to have helped bar!
mmzd222010-02-06 12:00:56 +0000 #7
08 Nian 10CM09 over-year growth and peaks 12CM, and refer to your parents height, this may only be around a long 4CM to 6CM may be less, in the later on 1CM or 2CM, with an estimated grow to about 173-176. My friend and I are basically such a long them there. More exercise, play basketball, do less weight-bearing exercise a day, drink milk, do not masturbate, you can long higher.
lvjie Lu Jie2010-02-06 10:14:24 +0000 #8
parental genes is important, but depends on the day after tomorrow you exercise, nutrition! Should be long months of about 1 meter 75 No problem!
DodoあVAE2010-02-06 09:55:34 +0000 #9
Han Ga Plaza2010-02-06 13:42:36 +0000 #10
174 - must be to vote for me -

a-kit -! ! !
qq5460308472010-02-06 11:44:35 +0000 #11
Note that the pace of life, Zaoshuizaoqi - eat well to learn a good exercise -

is not the shortest!
xinbing8972010-02-06 10:54:10 +0000 #12
175 much the same bar I tell you to take more exercise, especially long singly help!
qq336282712010-02-06 15:05:13 +0000 #13
more exercise eat calcium nutrition, medicine and the like should be a long point should not be less than 175



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