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How can we make themselves when playing golf, posture is more elegant, more chic co-ordination point

jinlei29992010-02-06 09:02:02 +0000 #1
I height 1.78M, hit ratio can also be, that is, their own sense of movement not cool, especially the breakthrough time, please master Zhijiao ha. If the answer is good, there are extra points
liyunze10192010-02-06 09:16:23 +0000 #2
See Video imitate you think the person playing posture Shuai action!
x9973423632010-02-06 09:17:56 +0000 #3
cool-looking like a!
incognito 110782010-02-06 09:46:32 +0000 #4
Superman dynamic when playing golf, bring a mask.
mengweixu212010-02-06 09:39:57 +0000 #5
should train dribbling, and feel. Ease of use you can do what they can do the routines. Oh yes can do.

All kinds of smart moves should always practice, of course, the fierce confrontation, then, sometimes it is easy to hurt, you do not Oh Kang Dezhu others.



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