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NBA30 team's main factory farm What is your name?
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Eastern Conference Atlantic Division


New York Knicks (New York Knicks)

home city: New York, New York City

Main Stadium: Madison Square Garden (Madison Square Garden)

Boston Celtic people (Boston Celtics)

home city: Boston, Massachusetts Island

Main Stadium: Fleet Center Arena (Fleet Center)

Philadelphia 76ers (Philadelphia 76ers)

home city: Philadelphia, PA

Main Stadium: Wa Qiaowei Asia Center Stadium (Wachovia Center)

Toronto Raptors (Toronto Raptors)

home city: Toronto, Canada

Main Stadium: Air Canada Center (Air Canada center)

New Jersey Nets (New Jersey Nets)

home city: New Jersey State of the East Rutherford City

Main Stadium: Continental Airlines Arena (Continental Airline Arena)

· Central Division

Cleveland Cavaliers (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Arena City: Cleveland, Ohio

Arena Stadium: Gund Arena (Gund Arena)

Indiana Pacers (Indiana Pacers)

home city: Indianapolis City

Main Stadium: Conseco Arena (Conseco Fieldhouse)

Detroit Pistons (Detroit Pistons)

Arena City: Detroit, Michigan

Main Stadium: Palace of Auburn Hills Stadium (The Palace of Auburn Hills)

Milwaukee Bucks (Milwaukee Bucks)

Arena City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Main Stadium: Bradley Center (Bradley Center)

Chicago Bulls (Chicago Bulls)

home city: Chicago, Illinois

Main Stadium: United Center (United Center)

· Southeast Division

Washington Wizards (Washington Wizards)

at home city : Washington, DC Washington, DC

Main Stadium: MIC Center Arena (MCI center)

Orlando Magic (Orlando Magics)

Arena City: Orlando, Florida

Main Stadium: Water House Arena (TD Waterhouse center)

Miami Heat (Miami Heats)

home city: Miami, Florida

Main Stadium: American Airlines Arena (American Airlines Arena)

Charlotte Bobcats (Charlotte Bobcats)

home city: Charlotte, North Carolina

home Stadium:: Charlotte Arena (Charlotte Arena)

Atlanta Hawks (Atlanta Hawks)

Arena City: Atlanta, Georgia

Main Stadium: Philips Arena (Philips Arena)

* Northwest Division Western Conference

Thunder team (Oklahoma City Thunder)

home city: Oklahoma City

Main Stadium: Ford Center Stadium

Minnesota Timberwolves (Minnesota Timberwolves)

home city: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Main Stadium: Target Center, the ball Museum (Target Center)

Denver Nuggets (Denver Nuggets)

home city: Denver, the state Division Dorado

Main Stadium: Pepsi Center (Pepsi Center)

Portland Trail Blazers (Portland Trailblazers)

home where the City: Portland, Oregon

Main Stadium: Rose Garden Arena (The Rose Garden)

· Utah Jazz (Utah Jazz) home where the City: Utah Salt Lake City

Main Stadium: Delta Center Arena (Delta Center)

Pacific Division Phoenix Suns (Phoenix Suns)

Arena City: Phoenix, Arizona

Main Stadium: America West Arena (America West Arena)

Sacramento Kings (Sacramento Kings)

Arena City: California Sacramento City

Main Stadium: ARCO Arena (ARCO Arena)

Los Angeles Clippers (LA Clippers)

home city: Los Angeles, California

Main Stadium: Staples Center (STAPLES Center)

Los Angeles Lakers (LA Lakers )

home city: Los Angeles, California

Main Stadium: Staples Center (STAPLES Center)

Golden State Warriors (Golden State)

home city: Oakland, California

Main Stadium: Oakland Arena (the Arena in Oakland)

· Southwest Division

San Antonio Spurs (San Antonio Spurs)

Arena City: San Antonio, Texas

Main Stadium: SBC Center Arena (SBC Center)

Dallas Mavericks (Dallas Mavericks)

home city: Dallas, Texas

Main Stadium: U.S. Airways Center Sports Center (American Airlines Center)

Houston Rockets (Houston Rockets)

home city: Houston, Texas

Main Stadium: Toyota Center arena (Toyota Center)

Memphis Grizzlies (Memphis Grizzlies)

home city: Memphis, Tennessee

Main Stadium: Stadium Pyramids (The Pyramid)

New Orleans Hornets (New Orleans Hornets)

home city: Louisiana State New Orleans

Main Stadium: New Orleans Arena (New Orleans Arena)



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