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Union-level Hornet good or Hasbro's

x7love2010-02-06 11:01:28 +0000 #1
also ask

Transformers L-level V-class U-class These are the mean ah
love hi Yang Yang2010-02-06 11:07:11 +0000 #2
Hasbro Transformers products company sub - level, is based on the degree of complexity and the extent of reduction division of the distinction between different levels, mainly in the distinction between the different size, different deformation degree of difficulty and price, in order to facilitate the consumers to choose their own level of toys, each of the following pairs of a level of detailed instructions. Note: The main change car buying Diamond D level, iron and ambulances to buy V-class, Optimus Prime proposed to buy L-level, so that in the human type and model states are in line with the overall proportion of the actual size of vehicles, as well as the movie King Kong the size of the difference. The formation of other variables, aircraft, tanks, the ratio can not be unified, to buy what a presentation on their own final decision according to the following of (this recommendation applies only to live-action film version, for other versions of the Transformers toy choices selected, depending on the actual situation. )

Legend-class (legend level): This is a very small, deformation of a simple level, deformation of difficulty and 80's animated version of the toy almost ,2-3 can be completed under the deformation, both the human form or degree of reduction after deformation are very is limited, prices are also very affordable, in Taobao generally less than 30 yuan. Suitable for younger children. Not suitable for collection and adult players.

Urgent action warrior class (Fast Action Battler level, referred to as FAB class): It is specially designed for the live-action movie level, size is close to D-class, but deformation of the vehicle, aircraft, etc. to restore the level of very general, deformation process would still simple, especially in human form the image and movie roles far behind. The price level slightly more expensive than the legend.

Boy Scouts Grade (Scout-class): not only the size is closer to D level, from the deformed shape is also more difficult and much closer to such aspects as there is no uniform consideration of D-class, and some exposed shaft and organs, affecting the overall effect of and the deformed face characters portrayed not as a more expensive level. Prices in the 40-90 per month.

Strengthening the grade (Deluxe class, referred to as D-class): Strengthening the class can be said that the main force of the whole series of toys, size, fit the model closer to 1:35 ratio, especially Diamond car class, there is a unified ratio, basic restore the reality the gap in the model, deformation degree of difficulty is moderate, but are basically not suitable for children below junior high school, for the role of the face, stature, car-shaped to restore the very place, the body part is also moving more, can be put on a variety of positions. The overall price is moderate, prices in the 90-140 per month. Suggest that you purchase, the main consideration at this level. L

09 Movie Optimus Prime Union level (human alliance level): live-action film version of the new out of the level of live-action film version of the current large wasps and cross-guns and several twins, Hornet features a protagonist with a SAM of curs, SAM can get in the car so the driver turned into robots after the bad people can sit in Hornet arm, it can be lying in the back. Hornet can switch masks, finger dynamic. The size of V-class. Price is currently around 230 RMB. Cross-gun with a black soldier, and the Hornets of the same characteristics. Fender with Simmons and small arcy, brake with the female lead and another small Alsi.

Voyager Class (Voyager class, referred to as V-class): D-class than the larger and better workmanship, deformation and more complex, the role of the animated face and lifelike models reached the point of restoring the same time, the price more expensive, powerful players re-consider the prices in the 150-230 range. In the A / C / E series toys are a relatively important role in the launch of over V-level (live-action film version of V-class is only red spider, dizziness, ambulances, iron, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Hercules Lane excavation and so forth.)

the strong class (Ultra grade): slightly larger than the v-level, smaller than that of the L-class, with sound photoelectric effect. U version (Space version) and C version (race Bautain Edition)-specific level.

Leader-level (Leader class, referred to as L level): deformation more complex than the Voyager-class, and also joined the sound of photoelectric effect, modeling is more delicate than the Voyager-class, this one is generally the custom for each faction leaders, so live In addition to the film version of Optimus Prime and Megatron, and only 07 where the film version of the noise, 09 films selected for fire days (recently will be a L-level spider mite). Prices are more expensive, the general price of 350-600 per month.

Ultimate (Ultimate-class, referred to as U class): This one is characterized by large size, the model closer to 1:12 ratio, the current film series is only Hornet, sub-07 films and 09 film series, due to large size, the character's face, joints and better characterized, but the addition of a large number of sound photoelectric effect, S-class Hornet behind a huge increase in battery box and voice packets, the characters not as good as shape as a whole is closer to D-level movie, but a will be issued after the completion of deformed voice will say that Stars game Bautain language and English is still very attractive guy, of course, price is very lethal, 500 starting price is not an ordinary people can accept.



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