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Today, the Lakers who won Knight

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Knights of the Lakers who won today
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LeBron 37 points 9 assists and Peter Pan Knights beat the Lakers swept the regular season

Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers January 22 credits a guest-speed ball Cleveland Museum of challenges. Ci Yi, Delong Te - West replace the injured shoulder Mo - Cavaliers starting point guard Williams serve. Kobe Bryant scored 31 points, NBA career, scoring 25,000 points mark a breakthrough, becoming the youngest NBA history, 25,000 points, Mr. James Pila 37 points 9 assists, and Pau Gasol in the fourth quarter made two free throws before the end of 24.1 seconds lost lost a tied score a golden opportunity for the Lakers 87-93 loss to Cleveland, the Cavaliers were swept last season, Cleveland won three straight. Lakers aspects: Kobe Bryant 31 points, four assists, and Pau Gasol 13 points and eight rebounds, Lamar Odom 10 points and 10 rebounds. Knight aspects: James 37 points and nine assists, and Shaquille O'Neal 13 points, 11 points and 14 rebounds Hickson, Anderson Varejao, 11 points 8 rebounds.

Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers pre-empt the

fire-breathing opening whistle, Bryant scored five points and Bynum dunk on Gasol shot hook shot, the Lakers start 9-0 lead. James first layup, and then assists Anthony - Parker's layup with 5 points behind Cleveland 4-9. James made a layup, the Cavaliers played the Lakers a 6-0,10-11 behind a sub. Bryant hit the turnaround jump shot, the Lakers 19-14 lead five minutes. Bryant Glenealy 5 points, Pau Gasol dunk on the Lakers 27-16 lead with 11 points. James made two free throws, the first quarter end of the game Knights 18-27 behind nine points. Kobe Bryant scored 12 points in the first section.

Fei Xia emperor broke off the outbreak of

II, James "three-point play," succeeded, the Cavaliers played the Lakers a 6-1, will catch up with the score 24-28. Kobe Bryant scored four points and Ron Artest hit third, the Lakers 35-26 lead nine minutes. O'Neill sent the first pass, followed by playing board projectile hit, Hickson dunk, three points behind the Knights 34-37. Section 3 minutes before the end, Bryant made two free throws 1, becoming the youngest NBA history, Mr. 25,000 points. James made two free throws, the Knights 40-41 behind a sub. Odom tipped in shot, the Lakers 46-42 lead four minutes. James made two free throws in the first half end of the game two points behind the Knights 44-46, James recorded 12 points in section II. Example of clashes between

24PK23 III, Artest layup, the Lakers 50-44 lead six minutes. James "three-point play," succeeded, Knights 53-54 behind a sub. Dumped Kobe Bryant hit the Lakers 59-55 lead four minutes. Anthony - Parker third hit, Cleveland 60-59 go-ahead. Kobe with the two goals, tied the Lakers 65-65. Hit James in the cast, sect end of the game Knights 67-65 lead two minutes.

James, the key to the ball to defeat the enemy

IV, the air relay succeeded Farmar, the Lakers tied 67-67. You come to my teams turn up to the score, O'Neal layup to lead four Cavaliers 78-74 minutes. Jordan Farmar hit third, the Lakers tied 80-80. James scored seven points, leading seven Cavaliers 87-80 minutes. Third hit Artest, Kobe Bryant scored four points and tied the Lakers 87-87. Pau Gasol layup by cap, 34.9 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, James made a layup Knight 89-87 lead two minutes. Pau Gasol made two free throws lost, James made two free throws one, Artest challenge for the ball foul, two free throws by Anderson Varejao, the Cavaliers 92-87 lead five minutes. Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest did not shoot straight forward, Anderson Varejao, one of two free throws, the Lakers 87-93 loss to Cleveland.

Los Angeles Lakers starting line-up: Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher

Knight starting lineup: O'Neill, Hickson, James, Anthony - Parker, Delong Te - West
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Los Angeles Lakers lost
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Los Angeles



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