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c32866572010-02-06 12:01:53 +0000 #1
My height 185cm, weight 180, dribbling was not very good - pretty good rebounding, passing is not bad, lazy and only two free-throw line where the bottom line and the comparison of the two sub-associate, I am fit to play what position ah -- - the basket and shot the ball well
1993 small Asahi2010-02-06 12:13:23 +0000 #2
I suggest that you need to look at and your height of those who play them, if center is not high in a high slap slap striker bar basketball is your hobby multi-link, then click on the bar height for you and me is almost what position I would have to play
QQ Wang Kang-yiu2010-02-06 12:48:05 +0000 #3
to see where you play a. To ask you how much ah. If purely hobby, then I suggest that you more than playing the. Be able to practice out of the ball, ah, ah shot is, usually you make a big forward to play baseball on the line,
lihu01022010-02-06 12:18:28 +0000 #4
185 tall and not very high, but you play according to whom, and with similar power forward to play slap



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