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Hop skip step after that is to say why some B walk like the basketball into the

blankisso2010-02-06 13:01:21 +0000 #1
b Gaode very depressed by this though I used the jump is not much but every time step to deal with such ignorant country folk do not understand the rules feel nausea
blankisa2010-02-06 13:11:10 +0000 #2
is a time when dribbling the ball in the air and then take off the body, homeopathic hands to hold a ball in the air and then landing the jump step usually always be able to see ah do personally believe that continuity of action before making a Feint more coherent as long as the fixed pivot foot should not take the department, see the many people who do, and NBA. fiba do not blow

do not know that little hop-step move-assisted feet are walking is where's the unhealthy trends! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
kday01202010-02-06 13:24:33 +0000 #3
not walk but there are some people who do not study such a person brings a dedication is very troublesome to him the words of an acquaintance Aspect video on the list Well I was too lazy to undercooked Dali
425,1632010-02-06 14:06:21 +0000 #4
What is skip step?

Jump-step after the two legs could not move, you can take in place Hing Wah Street West foot.

Jump-step, the two legs can only be shot or pass, or to stand still.
xgp19892010-02-06 13:29:14 +0000 #5
take things a bit more, they have not learned dance steps and evacuation steps Well
Northeast Flyers2010-02-06 14:43:48 +0000 #6
skip that step after the landing after the foot is the pivot foot, first floor of the foot can move around, but you can not lift pivot foot, then another one foot take-off, which means although you may be an arbitrary rotation, but you must use pivot foot take-off, if the hop after the skip step, lift your pivot foot heel, with another one mobile Even if the walk-off foot take-off, but the game is in the formal take-off difficult to distinguish between the use of pivot foot, so very few referees blow, but often people can feel out of play to the first formal match referee did not often play feeling, Second, he did not feel of judgments, so that the situation in ordinary non-professional players often occur, but rarely blowing competitions to see mentality, and to Dan Ding, Dan Ding as long as the fair should be on the line, we said that a good rule, if it is offense, that all offenders can not be I am so against unauthorized use, others do not blow. Non-professional players are not necessarily non-Yaogen FIBA, NBA, like the rules, you can set their own Mody, as long as equity on the line.
Bian Tai Uncle2010-02-06 14:56:18 +0000 #7
skip does not skip step after step, and any move one foot there are walking offenses.

Do not know how deep the first floor of the study?

See video? NBA inside LBJ had a five-step layup to see video with Mao.

1, hop Description:

jump step is to break out of defensive approach, walking is illegal, nor included in a foul.

Hop term, strictly speaking not part of the scope rules of basketball, but more often an amateur player using this term to describe the point were the hands of your feet off the ground after the ball because of defensive players or interfere with the successful defense lead shot and the ball did not offensive side of the feet once again landing behavior. This is a derivative of walking behavior, the current title is also slowly emerging in a number of official sports media description.

2, hop-step scale to determine the main points are basically as follows:

(1) If the ball square feet, hands the ball off the ground after the shot after defender photographed, drop back to the ball square in the hands of the attack can be sustained, not because of interference due to the sub-interrupted competitions;

(2) If the ball square feet, hands the ball off the ground after the shot has not been photographed defender, leading to jump feet from the starting point guard who fall in this time there is no The moment the ball left the body can be whistled for offensive side walk.

Basic hop no central feet after landing legs, no legs no longer a movement.

Is the ball is in the hands of the so-called walk-and-go two steps above and have not shot the ball, if the dribble occurs when the ball is in the hands of more than two steps when you walk is a walking ball.

All the basketball games, including the NBA boats are very strict on the walk, but the audience are not quite sure what could be a walk step, to see whether walking, we should first understand when to begin the calculation. Since the ball after the walk is a foot off the ground when you start the first count, if that is a volley ball to the feet, and then on the other foot off the ground when landing and then began to count.

The so-called take two steps is that each feet from the ground once, and then fall once. Has completed, if the ball is in the hands of two steps, first floor in the foot and then the ball off the ground, then have to fax or vote, if it continues to dribble or a ball, then that is walking.

Should be noted that if there is only one foot to go non-stop while the other foot is always on the ground, he has always counted only step, if you have to go two steps as long as the first floor (feet landing hop does not matter which foot the first floor) was never in the leg better, regardless of the other foot and walk two steps only count (not more than two steps).

Ps: Brother, this is Wikipedia on Baidu, I'm full editing and this stuff stays!



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