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734,975,2182010-02-06 13:02:18 +0000 #1
center be considered how thugs do? ?

Center also how goals should be goals to practice what method?

I am 15 years old about 18376 kg is such
submerged dust must2010-02-06 13:11:57 +0000 #2
weight too light. The basket against the impossible.


Suggested to play major pre-let the body stronger or something.

Hello, I am university when the center is also a school team, center of the attack means. turned extraordinary, hook, back body singles, heads off jumper. you are such a body, it is recommended Kanxia Olajuwon video, learning bar the next steps of his dream . physically strong, flexibility is very important ...

to play a full match when I usually play with pick and rolls back our team tactics, but you can also try:

screens for the first step in your team's perimeter players A Dribble the time to run past, physically blocking the defensive

A person, you have a body, I believe this should be no problem;

second step, so that players on one side of a block to your dribble breakthrough, because you good health, Defensive Player of the other side sure to be your Dangzhuo and can not catch up in time, this time you should not silly standing, because a sudden in the past, once the other team will come fill a defense, you have to immediately go to quickly cut into the inside of the neutral gear, which A time when there are two options: first, the shooting, the second is the pass to you, regardless of the kind of choice, you can play the role, if it is shot, then grab as you have good position inside, you can grab offensive rebounds to complete the second attack, if it is passed to you, you are inside is unguarded, which I think goes without saying how to do a bar.

Trying to playing the game-play to the best tactical advantage inside, but require players inside the air-cut good-cut sense of volume and mobility, you can lot of running about, do not die standing inside, it's easy three seconds!

If you can not play pick and rolls, then you run more in the game when the wavering, to places as far as possible the deep ball to the hand after the position because you have been very close to the basket, and you do not need to dribble, and directly turned done shooting action, you have the power still afraid of heights, what is? Can also be made into a vote of no foul. If you sense bad back (now the guard more and more independence, and did not take center seriously), you did not give the ball after a bit over, you do not die standing up, and immediately ran out, with open-defense, or on the go and your team-mate Dang Dang people are possible, remember, playing basketball to be mindless.
Simon - blow up balloons2010-02-06 13:21:57 +0000 #3
I was 12 at the age of 65 kilograms, and also liked to play basketball, it is recommended to do push-ups, little by little to improve their physique. As for the offense do good things about practicing long shot to play shooting guard bar
Blood Huagao2010-02-06 13:25:43 +0000 #4
want to play basketball, then more practice very good, especially the center, if you are strong enough, so long as some basic shots, hook, step, the basket is your sky.
woshiwanjiahao2010-02-06 14:05:53 +0000 #5
It seems that you should be playing from the conditions of guards, but Rengeyouzhi,咱Sea Lord Is not play center Well, pull far away ... thugs Well, as long as the offensive player is considered a great impact on shot (which is why sometimes, after shot will also be blowing foul, center to fight to have physical confrontation, there is no flexibility, then we should step up the pace, multi-board and thought to play the semi-hook shot with the basket, fuel bar!



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