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Clippers Eric Gordon This is how players like?

Great Qing pirates2010-02-06 16:01:28 +0000 #1

dogg_K2010-02-06 16:16:24 +0000 #2
Eric Gordon from the high school with Derrick Rose, OJ Mayo, Michael Beasley and others compared. He was selected last season, rookie second team, excellent performance shows that Gordon is the league, one of the most promising young people. Eric Gordon in the last four months of last season, averaging 19.8 points, attacking talent no doubt. Although only 1.91m, but the weight of nearly 100kg fear him more defensive opponent.
Low-key orange oranges2010-02-06 16:11:40 +0000 #3
埃里克戈登Progressive Alliance last year after a rookie! Although last year's draft pick by people promising not seen before, but Rose, Mayo, Beasley, Loew, Lopez, and so much technical characteristics of a distinct growth in the speed of the players amazing!

The埃里克戈登is just one of them, even though he is only the seventh overall but is not the absolute core of the team scoring talent, but he has demonstrated in his rookie season out, the template only from the point of view I am more inclined to Ben Gordon, the former Bulls super-split! Eric of course, have a better future!

Last season and this season has seen him a few games the ball, feeling pretty good with a score means to a relatively stable, though not a lot of shooting, but maintained a good average of 16.7 points can be around, but superior physical condition, power not bad! Although the Clippers are not absolute but also stand firm in the main core of the position!

In general, we can develop this type of imaging the core of Ray Allen-type scorer better, need to upgrade is the ability to cast the key to the ball, in fact he's 3-point shooting has been is good enough!



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