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The team members how to explain the

155,252,1182010-02-06 17:01:33 +0000 #1
last night, Xinjiang and Zhejiang by cctv5 watch the game, guests are Qun Su explained the teacher. In the explanation, the teacher said Qun Su, Zhejiang, team players林志杰players of Chinese Taipei. Would like to ask you as a cctv explanation, how林志杰the players?
zhuxf1232010-02-06 17:11:06 +0000 #2
Direct say that Taiwan
sanmenwei2010-02-06 17:21:42 +0000 #3
related directly to Taipei, do not have political overtones of the
serein882010-02-06 17:47:43 +0000 #4
just joined in September of this year, Taiwan Zhejiang Guangsha林志杰basketball players from Chinese Taipei men's basketball team.



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