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Nanjing Institute of basketball non-professional theory test

fusandodo2010-02-06 19:01:44 +0000 #1
what are the theoretical knowledge test it

I am a sports news of the professional requirements so

but why not ask for much more trivial knowledge points

Please which experienced beautiful handsome guy to the point of the proposed Kazakhstan
Bo Langzhe2010-02-06 19:05:27 +0000 #2
Here is my example, there are examination questions, as well as the answer, please refer to!

Basketball, Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education Curriculum Theory Examination Paper (1)

(please fill in the question numbers and answers answer paper, written in the papers invalid)

Department of the names of other grade class performance

1, multiple-choice questions (in this a big issue a total of 10 small title,每小题1 min, a total of 10 points. In the每小题given four options, only one is in line with the subject requirements).

1, the first rules of basketball is the founder of basketball, Dr. James Naismith in 1892 developed a ()

rules of the game.

A, 15 Tiao; B, 14 Tiao; C, 13 Tiao; D, 16 Tiao.

2, men's basketball in () Olympic Games men's basketball will be included in the official event.

A, 1948 its fourteenth session; B, 1952 at its fifteenth session;

C, 1936 eleventh; D, 1940 twelfth.

3, in the basketball skill teaching, should be based on technical movement to form a general rule, in the organization of teaching, teaching materials and methods and exercise load arrangements, must follow the progressive approach, from simple to complex ().

A, and intuitive principles; B, the principle of proceeding from reality;

C, through the principle of gradual; D, consolidating and enhancing principle.

4, basketball and teaching performance assessment aims to () students to master basketball theory, the actual level of technology and skills, promote student Qinxuekulian, complete all the tasks required curriculum content and requirements.

A, check the effectiveness of teachers; B, reasonably accurate assessment;

C, to improve the quality of teaching; D, to strengthen control over the classroom.

5, single-hand or both hands bounce pass to hit the site should be at a distance of () place.

A, catch one third; B, catch a ball person, one meter;

C, were three-quarters of the ball; D, two-thirds of the ball people.

6, defensive player without the ball should generally be standing on the election-bit () position.

A, standing between the opponents and the basket favorable; B, standing between the opponents and the basket;

C, standing away from the ball between the opponents and the basket on one side; D, standing opponent and bias between the basket side of the ball.

7, when the offensive player cover, the defensive players cover a timely reminder of companions, and take the initiative to retreat one step, so that timely companions from among the members themselves and cover the past, in order to continue to live against their opponents, the tie ().

A, squeezed through the tie; B, bypassing the tie; C, through the tie; D, the exchange of defense cooperation.

8, stop the fast break is initiated by Guan Jian ().

A, a positive Pinqiang front rebounds; B, under fast defensive players;

C, to intercept the first pass, and provided assistance to fast-break; D, control each other more advanced and less defense.

9, basic tactical tie () purposeful, organized, coordinated action approach.

A, between the two men; B, among four; C, between 45; D, between two or three.

10, 2 fast break with the tactics of the three attacks, the Defensive Player of the parallel stations when the offense apply ().

A, from both sides of the lines cut into the fast-dribble layup; B, encounter quickly when defensive jump long shot.

C, quickly passed beyond the defense to attack the basket;

D, the middle of the Road from two defensive dribble break, and then defensive blocking position of sub-ball attack.

Second, fill-in (the big issue a total of 10 small problems, a total of 30 air, each air an am, a total of 30 points).

11, the International Amateur Basketball Federation in () was established member states from the original () national development to the present () in many countries.

12, the modern sport of basketball is still to (), (), (), ()

combination of direction.

13,1954 and 1955, China launched a basketball basketball tactical issues related to the discussions confirmed the (

) and () is to implement (,,) the guiding ideology and raising the level of my basket exercise effective way.

14, a basketball skill teaching step is (); (); ()

to improve the use of technology capabilities.

15, in the teaching of basketball tactics, demonstrations, explaining the tactical coordination of local methods and use, should include (),

(), (), and the use of timing and so on.

16, from a pass to analyze the process is determined by (), (), and (

) composed of the three.

17, the force is ready to shoot position starting with the lower extremities (), waist force (),

arm () straight, wrist flexion, or flip, fingers dial the ball body () force will be

ball throw.

18, basketball tactics are divided into () and () and () three parts.

19, basketball offensive tactics refers to the basketball competition, the offensive player () and all

body member () of the organizational forms and methods.

20, basketball and athletic competition primarily include (), (),

layout methods, and evaluation method of ranking.

3, noun interpretation (in this a big issue a total of five small title,每小题2 points, a total of 10 points).

21, basketball and teaching:

22, basketball mix technology:

23, basketball games in the offensive and defensive conversion:

24, coordinate with the:

25, the legal defensive position:

4, short answer ( The big issue or a total of three small title,每小题10 points, common 30 minutes)

26, outlining how to implement in basketball teaching the principle of gradual and moderate.

27, outlining the training school basketball should pay attention to those issues.

28, outlining the progress of the preparation of teaching basketball have those basic requirements.

5 discusses the title (in this big issue of a title, a total of 20 points)

29, detailing basketball tactics teaching methods.

Basketball, Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education Curriculum Theory Examination Paper (1)

(Answers and Grading Standards)

1, multiple-choice questions: (a total of 10 questions, each question a points total of 10 points).

1, C; 2, C; 3, C; 4, B; 5, D; 6, D; 7, C; 8, C; 9, D; 10, D

2, fill-in: (a total of 10 questions, 30 empty, an empty one for each points, a total of 30 points).

11,1932, 8, 190

12, superb skill, high-speed, high altitude advantage, fierce confrontations

13, fast-break tactics, pressed for man marking, and actively take the initiative to fast

14, mastery of technology movements, mastery of technology action mix, in the offensive against the conditions,

15, with the location, movement routes, their timing

16, passing action method, the ball's flight path, the ball reached the location of

17, pedal force its way upward stretched forward at the top of an integrated and coordinated

18, attack, defense, offense and defense conversion

19, the rational use of individual skill, coordination between

20, and the race organization, and the race to determine the system

3, noun explained: (a total of 5 questions, 2 points for each question, a total of 10 points)

21, basketball, teaching is a clear case of the aims of education, teachers, teaching and learning of students learning together constitute an educational activity; is the instructor Next, students master the sport of basketball knowledge, sports techniques and skills, enhance physical fitness, develop character, promote the full development of the educational process.

22, basketball is the combination of technology, more than two single technical movement of organic interface, cleverly formed by combining a variety of special technical group of the general.

23, both offense and defense conversion is the race to control the ball right to the rapidly changing gain and loss. Lost the ball team will forge the right to try every means to regain the ball, which is the focus of contention basketball contest.

24, coordinate with the means at the inside of the members of his back or side of the basket after the ball to him as a hub, passing through a variety of ways and other members of the empty cut, cut around the combination in order to get rid of defensive create a variety of offensive opportunities, a coordination method.

25, the legal defensive position is for defensive players to face opponents feet in the normal position across the ground that the legislation is to take a legal defensive position. The distance between feet and height is proportional to the general, will not take a normal cross-Li position.

4, Jane Answer: (a total of three questions, each question 10 points, a total of 30 minutes)

26, basketball, teaching and implementing the principle of gradual and moderate should be:

(a) to arrange teaching content should be systematic . According to syllabus, teaching materials and teaching the content of the system, arrange the teaching schedule and lesson plans. Note from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, from small to large, never confrontation to confrontation in gradual manner.

(2) In accordance with the laws of the formation of motor skills teaching arrangements, pay attention to the formation of motor skills in physical and psychological mechanism. Cognitive orientation phase, the consolidation stage to improve the proficiency stage, should be phased in accordance with skills, characteristics and laws of the formation of organized instruction. Therefore, pay attention to aspects of teaching and levels, pay attention to student's cognitive characteristics, and through demonstrations, presentations and exercises. Understand and master the essentials movements to form the correct motor skills.

(3) according to the teaching task, student characteristics, materials properties and related factors, reasonable arrangements for exercise load,

to make the arrangements for exercise load sequence in both macro-control, another targeted individual adjustments; both in line with the individual characteristics of students, also in line with the characteristics of all students.

27, high school basketball training should pay attention to the following questions:

(1) high school basketball training should pay attention to a combination of teaching and training. This is the characteristics of the basic training school decision. To avoid the "Youth Training adult-oriented" and unscientific practice; to emphasize the right to learn and master the technical action method, step by step, learning and training with a sound foundation that focuses on quality, and gradually increase.

(2) pay attention to the training means and methods of diversification. According to training missions, selective and flexible use of various methods of exercise training to improve the training of art, so that the training results are obvious, students want to practice, to training, fighting over who gets to practice.

(3) pay attention to the physical, technical and tactical training and ideological education, style, and awareness-building are closely linked not to "concentrate on one thing." Each time, at every stage, every lesson should be focused, but comprehensive and focused properly handle the relationship, to avoid the blindness training.

28, the preparation of the progress of basketball teaching the basic requirements are as follows 3:

(1), the preparation of the progress of teaching must follow the teaching and teaching the principles of the laws, which outline the task and completed the quality of the close relationship between the operational capacity of teachers and academic the level of expression. The progress of teaching is not a simple distribution of the contents of textbooks, should strive to scientific, reasonable, feasible.

(2) Teachers should carefully study and master the basic rules of basketball,Correctly handle the contradiction between offensive and defensive. The progress in the development of teaching, both offensive and defensive techniques and tactics to consider their own vertical systematic, but also take into account the horizontal linkages between them. Therefore, the contents of the arrangement, it is necessary to prioritize, but also should review the contents of the new content, and grant combination of technology and tactics combine to attack and defensive and develop teaching ability combined.

(3) basketball basic theoretical knowledge, basic skills and tactics and basic skills are the key elements of teaching basketball

, in the preparation of the progress of teaching should be put them in a prominent position, given sufficient number of hours, anti-

re-appear, ensure that the focus on content mastery and improvement.

5 discusses the questions: (a title, a total of 20 points)

29, in order to complete the task of teaching basketball tactics, basketball tactics teaching methods, as follows:

(a) the establishment of the tactical concepts, methods and tactics to master.

A, the establishment of a complete tactical concepts, to understand the tactical system, the basic characteristics of purpose and tactics to attack

defensive tactics of the contradictory relationship between the. Teachers must first team offensive or defensive tactics off the bit formation,

Mobile's basic line, mainly with the methods, sequence, time, team members responsibilities and peer collaboration

action, and to explain and demonstrate the pattern of changes, so that students have learned the organizational forms and methods of tactical

have a basic understanding and awareness of the concept of establishing a comprehensive tactics. In the brief and presentation, it can with

combined use of small blackboard, icons, sand table, video etc. visual instruction, and then to try to do the exercises.

Try to do, it can enable students to assume the case of attack and defense, the actual experience of tactical Lineup, location, division of labor,

mobile routes and co-ordinating measures to stimulate the students thinking, attention to training tactical awareness.

B, grasp the tactical coordination of local methods, according to teaching materials and teaching demands, explain the analysis, the focus

practice tactics of the main co-ordination and attention with the interface between and changes. Practice, it would be false

located under the conditions of attack and defense, master basic coordination method, using columns, or other markers, assuming that rival

position, orderly manner in accordance with the method of practice. Then, can be negative under the conditions of attack and defense, learning to master with the timing will be

, peer changes in the coordination of activities. With two defensive attack two or three of the half-court defensive attack 3

or a small half-right and left side, or outside line practice methods, with the partial control method, and then

a very offensive in the plot under the conditions of confrontation into the practice, their ability to use with the capacity.

C, master the methods and tactics team, a team tactical methods of practice is to grasp the tactical coordination on the basis of partial

conducted, in accordance with the team ended their tactical formations in order to meet the local tactics, based on the negative

resistance to the right to practice of active confrontation, familiar with the tactical team, explicit part and the overall relationship,

gradually increase the team with the quality.

(2) increase the integrated use of attack and defense conversion, and tactical capabilities.

Basketball tactical teaching, in mastering two or more team offensive and defensive tactical approach is based on

, on offense and defense conversion should be combined with various tactical combinations exercises, master tempo offense and defense to improve offensive and defensive tactical switch

for and the integrated use of capabilities.

In practice, when the offensive end, regardless of the other side to grab a rebound or throw, should be immediately

blocking and retreated, thus falling into place after the adjustment of defensive formation, rapidly transferred to audience and half-court defense; as Defensive knot

beam when given immediately after the ball back, first of all organizations, fast-break, such as the fast-break blocked, that is off the bit-organized positions

assault, attacks on their choice of place. Organization of these exercises, you can start with two defensive attack two or three offensive Mikami,

4 offensive 4 defensive tactics such as combination of exercises, and then she converted to team offensive and defensive exercises. In the exercise,

teachers in accordance with rules of the game or take some sort of signal to stimulate, to develop students awareness and raise attack and defense conversion

high rate of attack and defense conversion.

(3) improvement of tactics and adaptability.

Basketball tactics teaching should be integrated within and outside class, by race or extra-curricular teaching basketball competitions, so that school

was born in race to further grasp the tactical methods of practice, according to the object of competition, selection and use of tactical

method. Teachers should carry out specific guidance, requirements, and assignments to enable students to develop tactical programs,

and note that after the game summary, analysis of the reasons for success or failure. In the programming process, to the theory together

Department of reality, combining study with application to develop tactical awareness and improve the integrated use of tactics and adaptability.



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