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JIANG Li-ting, Who's

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Mobile Tencent Network NBA regular season Rockets VS Los Angeles Clippers Live Channel comments area, in addition to fans of "strike while the iron king" Trevor Ariza all speak ill the voice, the wheat honey wheat brave performance against highly of the fans and the players cry, the most notable fact is that a mysterious man named Jiang Li-ting, the emergence of the whole comment to the climax zone, for that mysterious Jiang Li Ting in the end is who? Nobody knows, it was said that Sister Furong of the daimyo, some would say that insults the people of disaster areas in Sichuan after the MM's real name 90 East. Then there was a series of foolish men Yuannv bold confession, we have reason to believe that we are not looking at NBA live, but the Titanic. Even more boring a series of foolish men Yuannv bold confession, we have reason to believe that we are not looking at NBA live, but the Titanic. Costa Rica is more boring to look at people who are not comment, is lonely dangerous speech took the opportunity to make trouble. . Here in front of journalists invited to cover the event, we are-F: the children downstairs, what do you know who Yao Jiang-Li-ting? P blacksmith small child: her sister, I just come to play soy sauce, the other I did not know, I swear I am absolutely not -! () Storm Khan -! Let us then the next one on-site interviews with the audience, sex, and do you know JIANG Li-ting is? Sexy After 90: I am of course aware that啦, that was my sister, but I am sorry, my sister is not here, you have to do an exclusive interview that can interview me, my QQ is XXXXXX. In front of reporters once again storms Khan, I guess then go on an interview The journalist should comrade died from dehydration, but our reporters comrades is very professionalism, even though such a cruel enemy, and our comrades are still fearless journalist, resolutely strong Hui Hui sleeves, do not take a disdain -- . What is this, and this is the spirit of internationalism, now call my friends to this great journalist friends with warm sound and vomiting -! ! (This narration is too disgusting, and not go on -) Closer to home, we continue to the next interview with a live audience. F: Hello, sir, may I ask you know who Yao Jiang-Li-ting? Professional recording Male: Hello. . .喂. . . Well I am. . . Well I am. . . Try wheat 123, wheat 123, try to hear please call one, do not hear please call 2. . F: 111111, is you, do you know JIANG Li-ting is? (Reporter comrades fight back the urge to be beaten meal) professional recording Men: This question asked very professional, ah, said Jiang Li-ting from a long, long time ago talking about the past when mountains. . . . . . . . . . At this time N +1 is omitted the word comrade's nephew Nengren finally, his uncle could not endure, and grabbed the man is a professional recording beat a while. Since then, the world quiet. . Due to time constraints, this interview ends, the end we are still unable to know the mystery of the NBA is the story behind Baby Jiang Li Ting, in the end, despite claiming to be interviewed more than during the Jiang-Li-ting's uncle, husband, Da Yima, Sanguliupo and other relatives threatened broke the news, but for the strict attitude of the news paper is believed that the absolute is false information. This paper to speculate boldly, carefully confirm the following conclusions, this great mystery of the Jiang-li-ting may be
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