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NBA2010 All-Star Rookie game list? Year? The second grade?

Hei hei hehe hee hee2010-02-06 19:02:23 +0000 #1
Guess what ...
Huoying F2010-02-06 19:08:12 +0000 #2
by cis-bit row

1 year

1 Los Angeles Clippers Blake - Griffin (though injured, but certainly eye-catching performance of a comeback)

3 Oklahoma City Thunder James - Harden (although there is no less eye-catching performance in college, but considering Westbrook, Jeff Green and Kevin Durant's shot, Harden's performance pretty pass)

4 Sacramento King Tai Ruike - Evans (should be the Rookie of the Year)

6 Mi Minnesota Timberwolves Johnny - Flynn (performance, although uneven, but still not bad)

7 Golden State Warriors Stephen - Curry (not shown the University of scoring out of the posture, poor) to 10 Milwaukee Bucks Brandon - Jennings (55 points is not a joke)

18 Mi Minnesota Timberwolves Thailand - Lawson (North Carolina point guard than the Lu Poos and Anthony played 30 + injured, the performance of a relatively stable)

23 Sacramento Kings Omi - Cass ratio (Israel smaller will be the third scoring, assists and fifth, squeezed into the list is correct)

26 Chicago Bulls tower Kat - Gibson (Bulls main power forward, but when the brilliant performance)

39 Detroit Pistons Jonas - Jerry bar exam (the two shows the power of a recent attack provoked almost a piston beam, efficiency, high)

44 Detroit Pistons Chase - Bading Ge (which we all know he can cast two-thirds of the dead)

there is a light of subsequent performance, may be 15-cis-bit wearing Jesus, it may be the recent poor performance of the Blair

2 year (08 sessions are some of the real thing)

1德里克罗斯(Mandarin Lang has recently been reactivated, is still the best week, averaging 20 + assists and 6 + as if there is a top point guards look like)

2 Michael Beasley (as evidenced by an extremely unstable, and sometimes 20 +10, and sometimes 5 +3, but his great talent let him elected)

3 O · J · Mayo (Mayo this season without last season good, but the Grizzlies are more of winning, but its superior ability to score let him arbitrary)

4拉塞尔维斯Brook (fewer errors, more assists, shooting semi, and scores more, is not enough do)

5 Kaienlafu (alone, 12.2 rebounds, second in the league is enough)

6 Danilo Galinari (almost did not play because of injury last season, this season, even James thought he was amazing talent )

7埃里克戈登(no 40 + performances, although the injured-plagued, but Gordon is still with his steady performance prove to the world, you can not say that I was too short to play NBA is wrong)

10 Brook Lopez (which we all know)

12 Jason Thompson (foul a bit more technology is relatively rough, explosive, or very good, very small taste of Sri Lanka)

17罗伊希伯特(this season In the Pacers broke out 11 + 1.8 blocked shots, but finished in 29 minutes)

Marc Gasol (61% of the hits, do not vote for him no reason)

There are Courtney Lee, Dantegelin fight the last one位置.

Worn out of me

Lyon Anderson, Lewis returned there since the starter, Anderson's life is not how frustrating. In December, he averaged only 6.8 points, three-point shooting, 33.3%, the results of last week's two games he sat the bench.

Magic's loss to the Raptors at home speed, followed by the Wizards lost to the road, Van Gundy had to put Anderson back into a starter. Two games after he received a total of 26 points, third 8, 4, Magic won two have the ball. - You should such a fight, in order to regain some minutes.

8. Oelsen.伊尔亚索瓦(Bucks)
伊尔亚索瓦seem to hit the rookie wall. 11,12 month averaged 11.9 points, he also this year, had only 6 points. In fact, from December 21 date, he has five goals as the "Zhong Yi (One)" on you.

Part of the reason is the shot of choice, he recently shot for nearly half of all two-thirds vote. In contrast, in November and in December he has only shot a two-thirds You Sancheng 5 shot. To know that he was a Terminator, only by constantly running in the outside looking shots, the performance is the best.



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