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The following NBA players how to arrange their status?

Sin City K2010-02-06 20:01:21 +0000 #1
I have them divided into three grades three levels of ABC, respectively.

A: Super Star

B: All-Star level

C: quasi-star

Please give a hierarchy of the following players:

Yao Ming, Roy, Tracy McGrady, Elton Brand, Carmelo Anthony, Andre Iguodala, Ross, Noah Brooks.
laker8y2010-02-06 20:06:26 +0000 #2
Do you mean according to the current state of division do? Or Throughout his entire professional life?

Under the current to sub-
A: No

B: Yao Ming, Roy, Anthony, Andre Iguodala

C: Elton Brand, Ross, Connaught ah Brooks

scrap wood: Madison

entire career


B: Yao Ming, Roy, Tracy McGrady, Elton Brand, Carmelo Anthony, Andre Iguodala

C: Ross, NOAA, Brooks
soccer pitches Jordan2010-02-06 20:42:09 +0000 #3
A: Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Anthony, Roy

B: Brand, Ross, Andre Iguodala,

C: Connaught ah Brooks
dingzifeng20092010-02-06 20:21:11 +0000 #4
A Anthony, Yao Ming, Yi Geda Lamai Di

B Luoyiluosi

C Bland The rest have not
sanmenwei2010-02-06 21:42:37 +0000 #5
NOAA, and Brooks is also the all-star level, because the games are two pairs of data from NOAA, very eye-catching, Brooks Well, there are even behind the Rockets fans Today, access to the All-Star reserve team
♀ have to love ♂2010-02-06 20:38:51 +0000 #6
A : superstar Luoyi An East nereus

B: All-Star Yao Ming Maidibulan Delly Geda La

C: Quasi-star Noah Brooks
forever love gunmen2010-02-06 22:27:06 +0000 #7
superstars: Tracy McGrady (once was)

All-Star : Yao Ming, Roy, Elton Brand, Anthony

quasi-Stars: Andre Iguodala, Ross, Brooks, NOAA
z856125162010-02-06 23:21:33 +0000 #8
superstars: McGrady, Carmelo Anthony, Yao Ming

All-Star: Brand, Roy

quasi - Star Class: Iguodala, Ross, NOAA, Brooks
fengge982010-02-06 23:32:06 +0000 #9
Yao Ming, Roy, Tracy McGrady, Anthony could be considered an all-star has

Andre Iguodala for personal reasons, do not like

Brand, NOAA is too unstable These three should be quasi-star of the bar

Ross is very optimistic about the future must be an all-star level of

Brooks, let us forget their heads at the crucial moment fever
【maimai】 Moonwalk2010-02-06 22:24:26 +0000 #10
A: the health of Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady once more devote their energies defensive and more mature Anthony Ross, Roy

B: Brand

C: Andre Iguodala, NOAA, Brooks

personal feeling ha. . To tell the truth,; LZ said that several people inside the popularity of factors aside, there is no fully-fledged superstar, super star is not just data, and popularity, but also the team's influence and domination on the pitch, force, I think it is only active in the shark, KG, stone Buddhas, KOBE and James can be regarded as a superstar. Dirk, Nash, Kidd, Paul, Delong, and others slightly inferior quasi superstar, surpassing the all-star general above.



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