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Gets advice on outdoor basketball training

chenzy3212010-02-06 20:01:46 +0000 #1
Hello! I am now on the second year, height 175cm, weight 170g. Wants to play power forward. Want to do some winter training in effective outdoor basketball. Mainly want to practice (in the cast, bouncing, right-hand man of the dribble against power, hook), by the way would like to Jianjian Fei. Please netizens introduce some of the more effective training methods (no longer needed to use the best equipment). You good people help me. Guiqiu啦.
D notes de Mouse2010-02-06 20:14:58 +0000 #2
I played high school and college are great before, and at the university for three years when the sports minister, is also a hospital team and I hope my experience can help the Louzhu.

1. Strengthen the physical body muscle groups of the exercise, a daily run of about 5,000 meters in order to maintain a relatively fast constant speed, do not go too fast do not use. If you start can not adapt the method to use gradually increased, from 1,500 meters to 5,000 meters in a gradual transition. This training can lose weight, and training for your endurance.

2. The most important basic skills of basketball, one of which is the dribble, with regard to basic skills training is not Czech Republic close to being able to walk in, only through training hard. I think Lou Zhu should also read the Slam Dunk, like Sakuragi like to strengthen basic skills is very necessary and useful, orthodox power forward of the ball-handling requirements are not very high, you can right-hand man dribbling through the strengthening of the training, and combat The bold breakthrough to enhance the dribble.

3. The body's coordination, and this point is particularly important combatants spar in basketball, only the coordination of his body, and in order to bring the action you want to transfer to the ball, let the ball to listen to what you said. Coordination body, probably including the agility, speed, flexibility, jumping, endurance, and coordination. Specific training methods through the following training:

(1) shuttle run, side, and step, sliding, these basic training can train your agility

(2) short-distance sprint training, such as 50 meters, 100 meters or even 400 meter sprint, training speed

(3) Bounce training methods are leapfrog, touch baskets and so on, Leapfrog is his hands on the back, a squat and jump to a substantial movement, if the stairs jump, better touch is a touch basket or a rebound basket, which is you can directly see the effects of a way to fully take off every day touch baskets, about 20 times. 175 height, if Shuang Shouzhua baskets, then even if you bounce the training a success.

(4) is divided into cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance endurance, which can achieve the first major point of long-distance running, you can also push-ups, squat on, sit-ups and other strengthening of local muscle exercise

(5) hand-eye coordination, the most direct way is to play on the computer playing games hamster, ha ha.

I mentioned above are basic skills training, as long as it holds them with very, Enhancing the basic skills, physical confrontations you would not easily fall under the wind. Hayes 198 cm, the rocket is not the same as the above can withstand two-meter-long people Mody.

Through the basic training you have completed the sense of physical co-ordination and ball training. A firmer foundation of the great forwards in the game where scores can be said to be easy. COSCO shot was actually not suitable for you, you need training, is in the basket card bit, rebounding, playing back to bits, the second attack on these very practical technology.

Card-bit, by the pace and physical confrontation, at the time of attack and defense to seize a favorable position, it will stubbornly stuck in his players behind the ball or to prevent interference with your skills.

Rebounds, it is built on the card bit and bounce of the foundation.

Second attack, it is built on grabbed the rebound and immediately after take-off to complete the scoring technology.

To place back playing, that is offensive, and block the defensive players themselves, ask for the ball after the adoption of offensive skills, or shaking, or false actions, or turn around jump shot and so on backwards to complete the scoring.

Lou Zhu said she wants to train jumpers and hook, you can shoot training is completed.

The above is what I think of being useful for some Louzhu the voice of experience, hope this helps. All one word a word to break out of the, ah, Louzhu not consider points to me ah. Ha ha ha.

In short, the training ultimately is sustained, and wish Louzhu success!

Love tips Louzhu conducting training at the same time, do not forget to add protein and nutrition Oh, Eat well, ha ha.
chenlf2010-02-06 20:45:10 +0000 #3
175's height, playing power forward should be a bit difficult to it, repeat it again, 175/170G be able to run move do? Now you mainly lose weight ah, practice jumping is the best stretch legs to run, a few days feeling a bit down, I tried,
M_98272010-02-06 20:40:31 +0000 #4
play big in high school before the normal 175 ah

big pre-cast in practice so much dribble Why

physical confrontation is your task bar and exercise more and eat ah



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