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NBA's star players have their own signs instead?

Vice City K2010-02-06 20:01:53 +0000 #1

huoying1989122010-02-06 20:04:41 +0000 #2
course ah!

01. Dream big dreams pace

02. Shark violence dunk

03. Jabbar Invincible hook

04 days. Jordan's heads off jumper

05. Ifor Sen change to the extraordinary

06. Yao the ball jump hook

07. Wilkins sickle buckle

08. Wade's Behind the pace of

09. Nash Tupofenqiu

10. Parker's spared from war to take sub -

11. Duncan's 45 degrees playing board 12. Marbury turned back successive break

13. Ray Allen's rapid shooting

14. Bryant's body back singles to 15. Madison pull-jumper

and so on ... are relatively invincible signs trick

a floor do not know if you've seen the NBA did not. a number of star signs skills, even if the defender knows the case is very difficult to guard them! This is the star player with the regular players on the gap between the
punisherzyl2010-02-06 20:16:29 +0000 #3
Some of the classic is the need to know, for example: Jordan tongue, Dikembe Mutombo shaking fingers, Shaquille O'Neal, when the blast button Yau love about legs and raise the basket and raise your feet. Now the new generation has, LeBron James before the race make the sky so generously lavished on powder.
South East2010-02-06 20:36:08 +0000 #4
I rely on, 2nd floor which side you got from?



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