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2009 McGrady for the Rockets is not handed over to Carter's proposal of the Union

Sin City K2010-02-06 20:02:06 +0000 #1
Madison seemed to last an operation led to the bankruptcy of the transaction. I have another question: Madison surgery appear to be associated with this transaction, should an operation of the player can not deal?
29,515,9442010-02-06 20:12:47 +0000 #2
If you are a club owner or manager is willing to use a player can not play for an injured star Yao?
呵呵In fact, the Nets and the Rockets deal is designed to allow McGrady to lead the Nets into the playoffs (to improve the team's record)
, but Tracy McGrady was injured last season has also declared itself an unreasonable amount of reimbursement is obviously minimally invasive surgery can be to make a super-star crash that is the reason,,

not everyone like Sata Mayer and large Z, as no post-operative effects Hehe -

So the Nets could not trade an injured player (a very serious injuries), which also seems to have Carter's reason for ...

submitted a review in the league, when the Nets were injured Tracy McGrady blew cancel the deal and to withdraw submission of the program
monkeyDxing2010-02-06 20:29:15 +0000 #3
collapse, according to a chant
Che-07192010-02-06 21:04:41 +0000 #4
No! If there is If the media is expected as early as the Pu! 2009 Mai changing the card is currently the media speculation, only to attack wheat and substituting!
shaorom2010-02-06 21:33:34 +0000 #5
right, foreign trade unions are very powerful!
Xiao Hao Musou2010-02-06 21:40:30 +0000 #6
Last McGrady surgery led to the bankruptcy of the transaction.
fxfxzjj2010-02-06 21:46:25 +0000 #7
this man, do not worry! when the rocket and the Nets reached an exchange agreement did privately, but the applications have been turned over to Union, according to the procedures, then T-Mac did not inform the team privately declared their acceptance of surgery, the transaction abortion, and later in draft before the nets and the Magic have done a deal, saying good-bye Carter



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