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Majority of those who are interested in basketball, please help me solve this one on the basketball

PHR11172010-02-06 21:01:27 +0000 #1
Members basketball enthusiasts, today there is one I want to solve the vexed question, please help out. I played point guard, high speed, shooting and ball technology is good, but weak against the force. Face confrontation power good, power strong, play very tough defense, and I'm often very difficult. A breakthrough in its own good, speed is difficult to play, and their strength let me very uncomfortable. Faced with such a defensive player, and I can only select jumper offensive end, this is my worry about! ! I would like to tear other people break their own line of defense, rather than jump shot, but the face of a physical confrontation approach, do not know how?

If you have any views, what a good trick, and troubles teach little brother. I really need your opinions. To me this little man, want to use speed to overcome the power play, what better way to do that? Trouble you had! ! !
power_hongzi2010-02-06 21:08:55 +0000 #2
That depends on your personal thoughts and the prevailing market situation.

If you are playing audience, you had better tie. Because it is the body movement, but this fight will be easier and lead team-mate. Control bit, but the soul of the team. we can not swayed by personal feelings.

to play half-court words. you want to go it alone. is called teammates pull on the line. breakthrough. It depends on your personal technology.

wants to play with, called your teammates Multi-point no-ball running and the inside pressure level. inside and outside the bloom. He has also been taken into account when the defensive. `I have encountered a teammate on the just started playing basketball did not take long, he would not move. to shoot the ball, he is not allowed to . but always be your teammate in front of the ball to give them the address. is not open and the key when you to come out to singles on the list. `
In fact, the face of the body is also very simple and powerful. the key is how he defensive awareness and defensive position. First, you pull a shot than the quasi-position. Multi-fraud action. done to see him after the primary response. to make the corresponding attack. For example: You have made a false move, he jumped to vote You can build you. and so on, when he almost landed. into the body crashed into him. then throw the ball. into the (2 +1) is not also your ball into the right. or if you have done a few times later, he cast off all No response. when you and his attention to the next position. can basically guarantee that he can not cover their heads off you jump shot. `It is also changing. the key is how you personally offensive and defensive means of the number and location of human consciousness .

If you have a good point. you can change to the front of body (crotch), and E-STOP Taiwan stay. STOP jumper. His good health. However, they move faster location of those who have always been subject to your limitations. because the ball is in your body `
to play basketball as long as people are moving up the ball hard to prevent. Do you have jumper, then he naturally came up quasi-anti-posted. at this time is more space inside naturally better sudden啦.. hit triangle offense, setting screens is also a move a good solution.

who is strong, why should we go about it with him? You are smart enough to use it to exploit the advantages to a minimum. `` Want to see more singles kobe who practiced tens of seconds of the tutorial. You have a serious look. Why is entirely not affect his opponent. And you think that if such a person in front of you, how would you keep him. will give him a cheat do? When you are not open when the offense must rely on defense to win. `
I wish you an early defeat them.
linjiaann2010-02-06 21:07:51 +0000 #3
basketball is a collective project you can make more use of pairs of used cover more than the increase will not always be running without the ball ball attack
qq3175582922010-02-06 22:22:02 +0000 #4
I am also a speed-type back, a little underweight, I have also experienced a lot of was very strong opponent, if the enemy is very powerful so that we can inter-burst . First of all you have to pull with them as we go from the point of breakthrough, you do not shoot very quasi-Mody? Do not know how well your E-STOP jumper practice, if good, as is sufficient, strong and people are generally not fast pace, you must jumper combination of breakthroughs and has been, everything is very simple.
Wheat handsome guy2010-02-06 21:51:30 +0000 #5
I am one of those tough defensive, I would love Zuifan defensive person is running, and screens for I find it difficult subject, but anyone who wants to singles me, Oh, can not, therefore, run the ball more move, really want to singles, then on the pick and rolls, do not hard on
zhao3727910132010-02-06 22:41:48 +0000 #6
breakthrough in the stability is very important and need to have a certain strength, for the shoulder, waist and has a very high demand, while jumping to be very good in the air can be and confrontation.
hu2874769702010-02-06 22:14:58 +0000 #7
In fact, you fancy your own ability to score your ability in that we can see that too, but basketball is a multi-faceted, ball handling, passing, defense, scoring, tie and so on. Multi-and team-mate with the natural ease.



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