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2k10 dynasty roster completed under the advice

yattpo2010-02-06 21:02:01 +0000 #1
I use the Cavaliers

c fyre Suns bird

pf small Sri Lankan love (Minnesota)

sf james Alizhaba Ridinger

sg特里艾弗森Parker (Cleveland)

pg nash brooks

there is for improvement do to the location of center points is not very good

to ask how a chemical reaction will introduce a few 2k10

The sorcerer also in the free agent there any cows who

have fun talk about your players bar
an5626208542010-02-06 21:16:10 +0000 #2
C Luo Bo-Benz + Griffin

PF Chris Bosh + Xiao-Lan

SF + tok

SG Yao Dao + Buchs

PG Paul + Williams Si

All are demon



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