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Understand the entry rules of the game!

a130682262010-02-06 21:02:15 +0000 #1
A basketball stuck in the basket when the neck who is sentenced to hit the ball two basketball backboard and rebounds on both sides of the upper edge of count three games out of bounds if the A player attacking the basket close defensive player B when B defensive player fouls (ie whistle referee has been), but player A three-step layup coherent action, if entered the affirmed count 2 +1. but this time C players cleanly into A player's lay-off lid, be considered a separate cap reasons Oh -- !
cnevery212010-02-06 21:15:19 +0000 #2
1, jargon is called a scrum opportunity to appear. On this point, we must explain it in detail. Since the 2004 amended rules, when there is no longer compete for the ball jump ball situations, while the use of rotation. Jump ball in the game has just started, if the A team jump, then the second section, comprising B team ball. For example, the opening A team jump, if the section appears in a scrimmage situation, without jump ball, directly from the B team ball, and then the next section, A team from the kick-off game, so that it should get the point. If you observe carefully, CBA will put a record of the stage direction the arrow is used to prompt referee. Some friends say that A pitch card ring, the referee awarded directly to Team B, it is because nothing happens to turn to B is not such a situation to be awarded to the other, so that you understand the bar. Incidentally, since the implementation of rotation system, the obvious is to stimulate the defensive, for two and more fair. For example, a smaller team defensive big man, only reach out to steal the ball, if the sub-ball, jump ball, then the ball is still no doubt that big man, and now the implementation of rotation system, undoubtedly contributed to a fair.

2, as long as there is no hit on the back, are not illegal. However, if the encounter above 24 seconds the timer does not.

The above two rules are the basketball rules. Must be observed, there is no reason to.

3, by Lou Zhu described situation, if I were law enforcement referee, this ball is invalid because the rules, referees whistle the ball into dead ball, cast shot the ball in the basket effective, but a touch team (remember the original rules a), branding for a dead ball, which is null and void. As for the count blocks, it is technical statistical thing, only the provisions within the organization, there is no uniform standard. I will only referee. Personally believe that should be considered.

Postscript: 1, I use mobile Internet access, every word is in hand to play, very tired.

2, we do not put too much stock or other CCTV television commentator, refers to rules. I often experienced the ignorance of CCTV often this occurs: players collide, referee whistle, when explained, or Zhang Weiping (very disappointed to tell the truth) said, well, foul, and to see a butt or a block, then wait about half a minute, he added, is blocked. Actually, I have seen from the television referee whistle sound immediately after made a gesture, a gesture that was blocked. CCTV guide we have to wait to see who is awarded the ball, and alas, disappointment, Zhang Weiping were the case, the other commentator is full of mistakes, I mean the rules, Xu Jicheng personally feel pretty good, saying that many times, went to the bar.
scutxc2010-02-06 21:51:21 +0000 #3
1, ground ball Well not the most equitable way to 2, and both reasons are not counted on the edge of nothing is just under 3, this issue is the level cap and the answer is not counted because the ball is the ball into the No further blocks were not fouls
laodalu2010-02-06 21:46:30 +0000 #4
3 questions: is not. B player fouls earlier. Counted foul. C player does not even cover the use, free-throw line bar
raylxp2010-02-06 21:20:34 +0000 #5
1 the other's ball that is not the equivalent of you voted that you are not into technology, poor shooting has nothing to do with others so we can only cross the ball right to

2 is not the offensive side to be continue to attack after the ball that rebounds If, as you all call a whole like to say

NBA and later cast in the kind of pop-up smashed after falling into the box and then clicking on the edge of not scoring on the Hawks in the case of the Beebe and you will be anxious because he is such a ball into the do not believe you can check out video

3 Can this be because the cap on the offensive as long as possible to prevent the score that I have to cap ah

are all hand-played too hard in
365,059,3242010-02-06 23:29:33 +0000 #6
1 floor wrong, I went to look for first.


1, count each other's balls.

2, both sides do not count, look at the top mat is not out of bounds, mat be out of bounds twice.

3, operator b foul! 2 fine!

Reason is that the rules!

I am looking for referees to ask!
HeysonLi2010-02-06 23:47:26 +0000 #7
1. If it was offensive side of hitting the ball and sentenced to defensive side the ball.

If it was hitting the ball with defensive side, the contractor offensive side the ball.

2.CBA calculate the sector, NBA is not (CBA is not catch up with NBA, Khan ...)

3. Do not count, because the referee had whistle, in addition to 2 +1, any action is not
Taxuewuhen Tears2010-02-06 22:46:28 +0000 #8
1, count each other's balls.

2, both sides do not count, look at the top mat is not out of bounds, mat be out of bounds twice.

3, operator b foul! 2 fine!
59128185202010-02-06 22:37:30 +0000 #9
1. The two sides jump ball

2. Do not calculate the sector

3. Operators, since the 2 +1, and blocked shots Forget

are they think



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