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I like basketball, how to learn

Basketball Kid ZD2010-02-06 21:02:22 +0000 #1
I like basketball, how to learn,

asked what the site has a video tutorial Basketball (Professional)

2 there is no technology exchange class website, paste bar, Q group of the class , active, and teach me

thank you.
9871o2010-02-06 21:18:27 +0000 #2
go to summer basketball camp ah
confused啦I2010-02-06 21:47:07 +0000 #3
see you like playing games or street ball. Games you'll see more nba, what other people's Paowei. More than usually catches a shuttle run, standing one leg squat on one leg and then knees Bounce the ball Lian Qiu Xing, and then more practice very shot, while many Fitness. There are different techniques according to height to play different locations also have connoisseurship. The best with groups of school to look at multi-school team practice. If you like street ball and1-I suggest that we should prefer
415960582l2010-02-06 21:40:52 +0000 #4
Actually, you can take a look at the BAIDU videos on every position on the video, look at teaching, his insights about. In fact, if you are not professional athletes are no less necessary to get a professional, and the most important peacetime practice, practice is the insistence on the basis of the original amount plus the amount.

Tell you that experience allows me to play basketball, and I is the height 188CM, high-3, and what position in the class can play, I'm beginning from the C began practicing, and you look at whether it is China or NBA coaches will let you start from the C basic skills training and basic combat capabilities, due to the want to play basketball must have good physical fitness;

have time to go practice shooting, pay attention to shooting posture, maintaining arm and wrist and arm, respectively, into the 90 degrees, and then push the wrist in the end, this force will focus on a straight line. Peacetime to practice dribbling, such as the crotch, behind the cross and so on. . . Strengthen the thigh muscles, are in the basketball court into a bow-type, so leg strength is very important. . . To say a little ink in - -... QQ415960582 exchange of views can be added to me, in detail Well
txf05152010-02-06 21:38:04 +0000 #5
see you can play what position the ....
wadejaho2010-02-06 23:21:34 +0000 #6
and students up together. . Everyone. Learning
☆ Bi Shu ★2010-02-07 00:04:36 +0000 #7 =

This is Zhang Weiping teach you to play basketball inside the contents of a very detailed

from elementary to advanced.

Web site, then I suggest you rush to the tiger.

As long as the content of that video where training will be, you can become an expert.

Just that some people see this video do not practice, it is useless = =


a word to be playing basketball, it is much more playing the.
fjr22222010-02-06 22:53:05 +0000 #8
hard to say
midnight showing Shen2010-02-06 21:47:52 +0000 #9
halo .. multi-fight is to pull ...
EasyClee2010-02-07 00:32:19 +0000 #10
Exercise of the most important constant practice .. .. Multi-defense is not defensive practice dribbling and the general did not care for

normal feet tied sandbags on the arm sort of ..

to see what position you are playing more of a guard catches a shooting forward, breaking through

center on the practice very niche that rebounds do not pass the basket and passing attack errors, to let team-mate Then the better.

to have perseverance to practice, they will become strong.
dlevel2010-02-06 21:54:37 +0000 #11
how we're OK, depends on your talent
beyond the people2010-02-06 23:57:22 +0000 #12
to play more, see more, ask more, learn, multi-practice , you will eventually get it



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