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Bounce a rapid increase in 5-8cm

xj1234567822010-02-06 22:01:09 +0000 #1
My height 172cm, weight 63kg, I would only take off one foot and hand could exceed basket (3.05m) two-thirds of about 10cm, can not afford to seize the basket down, mineral water bottles can be deducted go, I would like to know there are no quick can increase Bounce 5-8cm of the way, I want to experience the feeling dunk, big brother please provide advice
▓ Jujue恋嗳℡2010-02-06 22:11:37 +0000 #2
Hello -!

Let me talk about practicing under the attention of

willpower to keep the spirit of desire to a certain state of

the best to practice every day when they have to say to yourself will be able to successfully

Most people practice the range of 1 week

1 week after no willpower willpower of their desire to give up

so it would be difficult so that every day said to himself, will succeed

practice even when the goal should be accurate and should practice today, busy No time to feel what

was trained under the determination of the order to the future of how I accomplished here can not give up

is a battle to overcome the psychological adjustment

I'll give you ways to sell some


practice jumping ability -! -! -!

Bounce training methods and more practical:

First of all you have to master the jump method, when you dance with the toes hair force, remember to take off the moment abdomen (this may be the beginning a bit difficult, but for a long time will naturally be closed belly of the), lead up the whole body, especially hands, jumping up when the hands are too forced! take-off Respiratory breathing when, after landing breath! refueling exercise bar, in addition to focus on practicing jumping, basketball, but also pay attention to practice!

Second, a big jump training methods other than those outside the more practice you have to fine Aberdeen focus on:

1, power, this practice you can sprint 100 meters, so have a good calf muscles so explosive, a lot practice and from 100 meters or 50 meters sprint bar.

2, usually more than skipping a day, hundreds of thousands of sub-total hop. In this way, can reduce the fat, and increase the leg muscles to enhance sexual drive.

3, the first Do not worry hope for success, slowly, step by step according to the Ministry of the training courses, will definitely be a success, believe yourself, and strive to pay a return there will be surprises!!!

The key is to practice exercises leg muscles (thigh, calf) and calves of the explosive ...

Oh, and then add that you are squatting, put his hands behind, and then skip steps, just started jumping a 2. and then slowly add up, and so on trained in their own feeling pretty good, jumped on their feet and hands can also be a natural place ... so ... there is to be practiced long jump, standing long jump and red running long jump, these details are the key to determine your jumping ability ah!!!

There is also a practicing jumping and explosive - the!

This is very comprehensive - the! ! Explain very clearly that I was also very useful exercise is to learn from you under this


all my hair - the two you can go and see -- !

In referring to the next -

General dunk approach -

45 ° dribble left to do three-step layup. Just brought about, to adjust the pace is good, take-off in three seconds inner edge, there is a fly in the air, so that you can to the upper set aside sufficient space to display their actions. dunking the key to come, when the 20cm away from the ring, his eyes fixed on the trailing edge of ring, with one hand to pound the ball down to force the trailing edge of ring, be sure to press wrist, there is in the ball into the blue circles, the feeling, and then quickly hand reversible, and to avoid injury. best not to one-handed grab ring. floor be sure to pay attention to maintaining a balance.

When you start the experiment do not have special wrist force, as long as the ball into the basket you can master the essentials after a good move, they are free to fly deducted.

No matter how you take-off does not matter, as long as you jump high enough. dunk master technology is mainly action. with one hand are able to seize the ball all right. as long as the feel good, the ball felt like a stick in the hands of the same. 1

another Promotions show-style buckle Act, in the third line is about being the basket to calculate a good pace (usually the right hand, for example, left a little before 1:00 in the right foot, right foot, first-out start time, and then come to a three-step, exactly the left foot take-off), first hit the ball enough gas will certainly be able to bomb the is high enough because as the ball moves with the shot toward the basket, there must be curved, preferably so that the ball in three seconds between the inner office, and the location of the basket floor, bouncing after the height of the basket on the best 10cm or so, people go with the ball, master the time difference, after the jump with one hand on the ball in the basket Hold, forced into the basket where a hit!!!

it was great! ---

the recently discovered a web site devoted to basketball skills - Five Tigers Basketball Network (wohoops), personal feeling is quite good, and should help a friend like basketball Oh! ! And there is more to explain the rules of basketball. There are a lot of high-definition video technology. There are first-class coach


U cool potatoes are a great video site

inside the search they want to see can find

take your time - are fine, ah

Hehe I wish you an early and successful refueling -
Ho Ma Terrier Terrier2010-02-06 22:46:18 +0000 #3
try Frog -
I de name is the devil2010-02-06 22:43:24 +0000 #4
a start can be the kind of sandbag feet tied.

However, the best way to practice is to leapfrog jump start by the beginning of the plains do, do not start too many jump a 200 meters a day, and then increase the amount of exercise a day according to their own conditions, if we can be able to jump to mention a. Is also a step by step, do not suddenly too much and will be muscle damage. A start will be very sour, but must adhere to.

Only one leg Daoshi no problem, many NBA Nets are one foot take-off of the buckle.
Dragon totem big Mo Daoshi2010-02-06 22:54:35 +0000 #5
Frog jump hiding effective, but once put 5-8CM is still somewhat exaggerated



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