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Come to understand the essence of basketball

qwe574742010-02-06 23:02:19 +0000 #1
I love basketball, really, and I am able to endure hardship, minus 20 degrees north-east of the bright winter days I can not come out, practice, practice and then practice, individuals feel physically very good, and friends 3V3 , continuous fast-paced two and a half hours, it should not matter, I am now 17 years old, 178 height, the ball is also good sense, I shot relatively accurate, particularly after the loss of focus adjustment in the air, seemingly normal vote are accurate, I started practicing basketball on the dreams of AI is as smooth as a breakthrough, but now looks like heading for the direction of a pitcher's development, a fundamental breakthrough in how 1V1 make life difficult for people, the game would be able to use the momentum of the ball jump to speed up the layup, but only when we encounter a shrinking fast be able to turn around, so I always look at my game has no large-scale development, and I imagine that AI as a breakthrough, as a breakthrough, like WADE Where should I start as I am now playing in our school is quite a good example, in-school competition when they are associate so that they know that I shot are the main defense against shooting so that I can break a little improvement, but the encounter familiar friends would be finished, and they know I am suddenly not enter, and every other anti-a small step I have said all I can 10 into the five or so old, but I do not want to wave at the outside so I decided to practice such a breakthrough, because I am a long time to not be a problem crotch shot dribble, continuous crotch would have no problem is, if a real breakthrough, after the feelings and crotch The following movements of convergence is very coordinated, how should get the amount. People who will actually break through to the point proposal

zhengzheng942010-02-06 23:07:44 +0000 #2
share the same feeling ----
McgradyBattier2010-02-06 23:10:16 +0000 #3
continuous training in order to progress.
Yueguangairen 1112010-02-06 23:20:19 +0000 #4
break through what is the instantaneous speed and explosive power (but are both, and physical fitness, talent, coupled with hard practice inseparable), the break is very sharp the players before the steps are Very quickly, at once defensive players on the pulling away. Enhancing the speed waiting for you, coupled with a false move, breaking the time variable to, it really is able to tear the enemy's defenses, and to remember not only the fastest growing faster -----
sizhiyishu2010-02-07 00:43:21 +0000 #5
would like to to break, you have to dribble better! ! !

Continuous shaking, after finding an absence of defenders, an acceleration on the sudden gone. . .

If really want a breakthrough, I suggest you look at some more online and outstanding video

omniscientのGod2010-02-06 23:32:10 +0000 #6
admire your fuel Na Na
snoopdre2010-02-07 01:04:47 +0000 #7
Hehe, I have been playing for 10 years say I have the impression that everyone's physical bar there is not the same height

according to the words of Lou Zhu's height is 1 meter 78 is relatively high for everyone will have their own merits

But I tell you just the same as if shot Louzhu Or break and do fine and that I would like to defend your people will be very difficult Louzhu Ray Allen is not your imagination breakthroughs in so weak that he given us the impression that most of the shots so we will think that he is only a pitcher but that is not correct I remember the year before the Finals Game 2 Celtics and the Lakers playing the final minutes into the game when Ray Allen put the ball in the midfield, he was Vujacic would have assumed that he would chose to shoot Take I I would think that it will be shot, but he will not break Ray Allen just spent a lot easier to accelerate lost Vujacic had completed a layup to seal the victory lay the game

If you always shoot the ball in front of a defender, then He will get angry, he will also be cheated when you shoot straight into the action when you can fraud you do not have to fool the other side, of course you can score a pass into the hands of teammates have a chance because the basketball is five individuals do

If you break the other Louzhu want to practice anything not to practice what the crotch or behind ah ah the only one on-line training that is the speed you have the height 1 meter 78 I want to defend your people should be so high if you are shorter than you are in front of him If you are shooting and then practice the first step to start almost from the sprint speed started practicing

,,, writing so many tired hope that you will be satisfied
Si deja vu2010-02-06 23:30:42 +0000 #8
breakthrough did not mean we must pass, or score off each other as long as the Can you card him half as successful if they should be regarded as a breakthrough in a breakthrough depends mainly on your body and disguise explosive capacity of

I'll give you some suggestions why would not pass it to do more with your teammates to believe This is a real person who can dominate games
lpf000002010-02-07 00:06:34 +0000 #9
physical training is the first one, you should be through the strength, endurance, power, flexibility of training yourself stronger, but not clumsy. Strength training you can try to go to the gym, to do more with it if they feel doing the dumbbells, push-ups, chin-up sort of, the specific ways you can search from the Internet, there are many step by step and must not impatient; endurance training on the is very bitter, and long-distance running, shuttle run, etc., especially in the cold outdoors is even more need for willpower of; explosive you can try weight-bearing squat, leapfrog, jump height, a very simple exercise is very useful, but need to remind you that , 17-year-old may have to develop, similar to the squat training should be discretionary, otherwise great bodily harm. When you have a good body then you are eligible to go to look forward to doing Wade and AI, and the good health that allows you to avoid injuries. Such training is under the state without the ball, here you are talking with a ball training, basic dribble do not know what you can do a few, single-hand dribble with both hands before the transport sphere in disguise dribble dribble crotch so very large, If you do not do these shows is not in place the feeling of the ball, shooting the ball to the training, based on the location shooting practice, interfere with shooting exercises are done, and do not know if you have not paid attention to their own hands shot type In fact, the action shot is very consistent, from the legs to the waist to the big arm to arm to the wrist to the fingers, will affect every aspect of your hit rate, I suggest you look at Kobe Bryant shooting (if you are black even if a section), very Enjoyable nature, do not ignore your non-shooting hand supporting role, non-shooting hand the power of the size, retaining the ball impact position on the hit ratio is very large. Said point shot, let me talk about the most important part is the basketball sense, play is to rely on the brain and what time to pass, when to be shot, when to steal, and when the cover for teammates, you need to have a very a clear concept, depending on your level of effort and aptitude, and if you do not rise up basketball consciousness, you will never stagnate. Concluded that a basketball training is boring and hard, basketball training is not simply the half-3V3 confrontation, there is a saying that good, to front of other people behind the dignitaries had to suffer, if you just want to play with playing do not have to make so large hard work of the. I hope that my words can help you, I hope you treat your body will not hurt. Still do not understand, leave a message asking me
Ling Ao days god2010-02-07 00:37:14 +0000 #10
a breakthrough, we should focus surprise, suddenly an extraordinary turn, there is a very important feint
limingxing642010-02-07 01:38:45 +0000 #11
I have two somewhat similar to this, I am also biased in favor of the vote, and now being strengthened break practice. Kazakhstan to talk about personal experience: a power key. Truly extraordinary need for physical contact, it would require force to fight. Do not think it can help people completely Akira open, leisurely break, this is not reality (except for super-master), the general is a little out of place on the rapid Akira breakthrough homeopathic squeeze past. So too important to fight for a breakthrough. 2 dribble. You say you dribble crotch unfamiliar interface only shows that you may have only the ability to hand dribble no, strengthening the hands of the dribble, can both sides of the break. Personally think that the crotch change to good, safe, Lianshu a step would get another cross-meng the (NBA to see most of the breakthroughs that are cross-step, cattle fork, confusing, too, but too difficult to practice, is currently studying middle) 3 shots. Since you shot is relatively easy to associate that breakthrough point, you can do when the ball shot fake, the next ball put people before. Your aim is to practice basketball in front of others in order to demonstrate their ability to bar, shot registration is justified but look at KOBE, in the majority vote in general to do a shot fake defensive person who cheated, and then a speed pass by. So you can like him more than to learn and consolidate their strengths and strengthen weaknesses.
jlovejcom2010-02-07 00:09:52 +0000 #12
Haha, ah break --- how should I say, if you have the muscles can learn James, ah, like, like driving a tank in, Oh, there you can practice dribbling more than what the basics, it's usually to find some more Shiping something, before I would like to see Wade breakthrough, but then I discovered that he had a lot of what is the dunk, I would choose to watch Iverson anything else, as well as Bryant
saranghey20092010-02-07 02:35:04 +0000 #13
I was in Harbin, but also always play the same height Zanliang, but I focus on the defense, scoring only 3 points and break the means, I know their heads relatively low, so better to put medium-range shot into defensive or 3 points, for the speed I am very study is running, when nothing more than 100 meters, or kicked soccer practice, so help leg muscle exercises and explosive step, when you break the time, crotch dribble just change hands, it is best to use the weak hand for the strong opponents, followed by can rely on their own bodies, or the first step to shaking fraud action, defending your people will certainly shift the focus, you can do emergency stop or to be a fake jump shot to open defense of your person Akira , you can increase the hop, hop now a lot of people do not have to, you can rely on a surprise move the way I do not know how much you have watched NBA Celtics Rajon Londo there are several in the basket is very simple and practical Note the way I wonder if you did not pay attention? If the body back singles can learn the recipe for Kevin Garnett, in fact, look at NBA can learn a lot simple and practical things!

My understanding is that these pairs of basketball, in fact, Wang is not the real score, but defensively, if the defense did it, so you can weaken the opponent's scoring momentum, while the players have to play a good team failed to score cases, winning is not issue!



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